Street food vehicles and safety, a fundamental combination for carrying out a street food business with confidence, especially since the street food sector has become a trend. In 2016, in fact, street food activities grew by 13% and 3 out of 4 fellow villagers consumed street food . The data speak for themselves: the on-the-road business is growing and with it the street food vehicles confiscated because they are illegal.
Among them, souped-up electric bicycles are a drifting phenomenon. In 2017, numerous cases were reported of e-bikes retouched and transformed into real mopeds. And if they exceed 250W of power, the two-wheeled vehicles must comply with the legislation on motorcycles, guaranteeing license plate, insurance and driving helmet. A pedal assisted bicycle in good standing, on the other hand, does not need these requirements because it is equated to a normal bicycle.

Street Food E-Bike passes all checks

It is therefore important to check these aspects when purchasing street food vehicles, to prevent any fines or seizures. In Italy the European Union directive is applied which mainly provides for 3 aspects:

  1. The speed of the electric bicycle must not exceed 25 km/h;
  2. Motor power should be less than 250W;
  3. The motor is activated only by pedaling.

Among the proposals in compliance with European legislation, we find in the first position Street Food E-Bike by Techfood. Street Food E-Bike complies with all the standards necessary to legally circulate with pedal assistance, and is also a perfect solution for the itinerant sale of food and beverages.
Winner of the 2017 Barawards award as "best service tool and accessory", this bike represents a great innovation for street food. Practical, versatile and ecological, Street Food E-Bike allows you to reach every point of the city, even in restricted traffic areas. It is totally customizable as regards the choice of the offer: it is possible to serve from sweet crêpes to the original Ice n Roll.

street food vehicles techfood e-bikes

A success story

Emanuele Giona Spennato, owner of the on the road business Twist – The Rolling Ice Cream , has decided to start a traveling business with the Techfood electric bicycle. With the Street Food E-Bike equipped with an Ice n Roll plate, Emanuele Giona rides on the Salento coast proposing an original offer.
“Twist – The Rolling Ice Cream was born last year – says Spennato - I studied a weekly sales itinerary, positioning myself with the e-bike in three points. One station is on the seafront promenade; on Sunday morning, however, I move towards a seaside kiosk; and finally on Friday afternoon I position myself in a tourist village for the pool party”.
In just one week, three important areas covered. This is the extreme versatility that makes Street Food E-Bike one of the best street food vehicles around.
“Street Food E-Bike offers 100% freedom. It is important to always respect the municipal regulations for the administration of food and drinks, but the electric bicycle allows you to get where food trucks cannot, for example. The comfort is incomparable”, comments Emanuele Giona Spennato.
Spennato's words are the confirmation of Techfood's careful research in proposing practical, versatile and safe solutions. If you are interested in the street food business, we offer you two more ideas for a winning street food.

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April 12, 2018