After the harsh temperatures of this cold winter that has just ended, it's finally time for spring and life in the open air. For you restaurateurs it is also time to choose the street food settings , as well as a good opportunity to discover some of the inspirations signed by Techfood.

Street Food E-Bike, goodies on three wheels

If pedaling rhymes with effort for you, put all worries aside. We are not talking about any two wheels, but about the Street Food e-bike , Techfood's electric bicycle . Winner of the 2017 Barawards as "best service tool and accessory", this bike represents a great innovation in the world of street food administration.
Ecological, customizable and extremely versatile , it will allow you to reach every corner of the city in complete comfort, including restricted traffic areas. Equipped with hand basin, closet, refrigerator and protective plexiglass with support shelf, it is one of the most practical and original street food set-ups on the market. Finally, the telescopic awning in PVC guarantees shelter from the elements and a touch of elegance and unmistakable style.

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When the street food corner becomes a corner

If you prefer four wheels to two and the idea of ​​a slightly retro style appeals to you, the Pic and Go stand could really be for you. The great practicality and simplicity is perceived in every moment of use: handling, opening, management and closing, each phase is carefully studied to make your life easier.
Also perfect in situations of limited space indoors and outdoors, this solution easily adapts to any type of street food, be it sweet or savoury. The extreme compactness is the real strong point of the set-up: the two meters of depth when opened are reduced to less than 90 cm when it is closed, which also allows it to pass through a normal door.
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The turbo of original street food arrangements

If your brand focuses entirely on the excellence of Made in Italy , you have found the best of unconventional street food arrangements. It's called Corner 500 , a stand that is inspired in all respects by the Fiat 500 , symbol of our Italian flag everywhere in the world.
The bodywork of the famous Italian small car is shown in all its beauty in the front section of this street food corner, even equipped with active lighting for the night. It is a customizable structure, roomy and at the same time compact, created to amaze and capture the attention of consumers. Furthermore, its configuration will allow you to position all the equipment for the preparation and sale of your delicious gastronomic products in the best possible way.
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Mobility and innovation, compactness and style, originality and made in Italy : whatever the soul of your restaurant business is, for spring 2018 you will be spoiled for choice. Carefully study the solution that best suits your needs, evaluating the aesthetics, size, technical specifications and handling. Regardless of your decision, you can always count on all the solutions for Techfood-branded street food set-ups.
March 29, 2018
Tags: street food