Techfood launches a new entrepreneurial solution that allows you to create a mini store in a simple and totally turnkey way. Pic Nic is ideal for restaurateurs who want to expand their business and for all establishments interested in creating a small corner shop.

Pic Nic is a real turnkey shop . It is not expensive in terms of purchase and time because it allows you to contact suppliers previously contacted by Techfood. Thanks to the business already started, your business can start right away. Among the main suppliers one of the historic brands of the Italian food industry, Barilla, but also Cremonini with the line  Spanino and Rispo for fried products without oil. With Pic Nic you can create a large miniature restaurant and offer hamburgers, sandwiches, pizzas, fish and chips, crepes and waffles and other quick solutions in full autonomy. The store does not require a flue because it produces neither odors nor fumes and is equipped with an independent sink to comply with the health and hygiene regulations in force. Included in the Combi Wave package , the latest Techfood innovative machine. Combi Wave is a multifunction oven that prepares a varied menu in a short time for a large audience. It allows you to cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, fry without oil and boil any food in just a few minutes. Also included in the offer is Pastaland , for preparing first courses, and Rondò Unika , with which you can cook crêpes, waffles, churros, donuts, piadas, pancakes and much more.

Simplicity and saving of time and money are the strengths of Pic Nic. By purchasing the point of sale you will have already started contacts with suppliers and in a few days you will be able to start your business. Even the same menu is ready to be served to customers. The Techfood chefs have studied a diversified and imaginative offer down to the smallest detail, with new combinations and timeless culinary classics.

Ideal for creating a tasteful corner shop, Pic Nic looks like a mini shop with a trendy design . The rustic look of the wood of the entire structure marries perfectly with the modernity of the stainless steel of the interiors, making them extremely easy to clean and incredibly bright. Precisely thanks to its refined style, Pic Nic can also be placed in contexts not strictly related to catering, such as airports, service stations and shopping centres. The structure can be supplied with chairs, tables and kits, so as to be able to create a coordinated and tailor-made covered area on the premises' food.

Find out how to set up a food corner with Pic Nic.

May 31, 2016