Cases of celiac disease are growing in Italy, from 2012 to 2014 the recorded data report a 15% increase in the number of people allergic to gluten. With the multiplication of diagnoses, the food sector had to specifically study a gluten-free offer. Techfood has created a solution for gluten-free crepes.

The precautions to consider do not only concern the products used, but also the use of machines and equipment dedicated solely to the preparation of gluten-free dishes, as well as the preparation of a space reserved for the storage of dietetic products. In a previous article we discussed together with Fabrizio Ponzo , a volunteer of the Italian Celiac Association, the guidelines for a gluten-free menu and the usefulness of the small electric oven proposed by Techfood to provide quick meals for celiacs.

Techfood immediately understood the needs that locals have in presenting a gluten-free offer. So he studied a new proposal to satisfy the most gluttonous requests from celiacs. A small waffle maker that also allows you to prepare gluten-free crepes, the machine is sold together with a special preparation for gluten-free dough.

The proportions of Cialderia Frittatine allow it to be positioned even in limited spaces, the machine does not occupy more than 20 centimeters in length. The preparation is safe because it contains only gluten-free foods, and is ready for use. A complete package that will allow you to expand the offer of your restaurant, saving space and time.

We asked Fabrizio Ponzo what he thought of the latest news in the gluten-free field.

Is the growing awareness of celiac disease producing results?
Yes, for some years now the theme has been known also thanks to the Italian Celiac Association which educates and disseminates correct knowledge on celiac disease and eating away from home for celiacs. The results of awareness raising can then turn into a real profit for a place. Usually we go out for lunch or dinner in company, so even the celiac is never alone, but with him there are other people. Proposing a gluten-free variant on the menu is a way to expand your offer and increase the number of customers.

What are the inconveniences that a celiac can most encounter in a restaurant?

The first of all is to find an offer suitable for people with celiac disease that is safe and uncontaminated. In addition, many establishments, even if informed, offer a limited variety of gluten-free dishes. Let's think of a classic menu with twenty courses, a celiac will have an incredibly reduced choice compared to the others.

A comment on the new Techfood proposal for gluten free.

I hope they extend the proposal to other products as well. Techfood has been studying alternative solutions for a couple of years to expand the offer to celiacs too. The need for this machine arises from the lack of this market segment in the food sector. The real novelty also lies in the quick preparation with which the waffle maker is sold, a balanced and guaranteed product. Even in the preparation of desserts such as gluten-free crepes there can be contamination, thanks to the preparation Techfood has eliminated any doubts about safety.

To fill gluten-free crepes, it is good to check that the toppings are also gluten-free. Very often, chocolate powder and creams can be composed in small percentages of foods containing gluten and be harmful for those with celiac disease. Also beware of icing sugar, jams, marmalades and food decorations such as pralines and tails. For safety, always choose foods marked with the crossed out ear of wheat symbol which indicates the certification of a gluten-free product.

Discover the Techfood proposal on gluten free .