A frozen plate capable of instantly creaming ice cream. A new frontier for Techfood innovation. Today we interview Beatrice Iori, marketing manager of Techfood, engaged last week in the presentation of the new machine at the Host fair in Milan where Techfood's ice n roll was awarded for innovation in the smart label category.
How did the idea of ​​developing ice n roll come about in Techfood?
Our R&D team had seen a similar machine in Thailand. But the machine seen required a much longer preparation, about 4 minutes and a lot of dexterity. It was not suitable for the European market. We have worked to create the machine for a more European market, therefore much faster, 30 seconds are enough for freezing and without the need for specialized manpower, which in our market has high costs.
Why should you buy ice n roll?
It allows you to make an ice cream instantly, no machine currently does. Serving homemade ice cream is a high investment for a place, difficult to deal with if not for an ice cream shop that was created for that specific business. Ice n roll allows everyone to make ice cream to serve as a dessert for a restaurant, or as an elaborate summer aperitif for a club, at the end of a meal for a fast food restaurant or as a summer snack for a simple bar. Not only. It is an anti-waste tool, by instant creaming I can produce the quantities I need at the time of sale. I don't risk wasting product, this also helps management and cost savings a lot.
Finally I can get new and personal recipes, try a more experimental cuisine. This allows me to differentiate myself from other restaurateurs on the market. I can offer unique dishes, available only in my restaurant and in this way retain customers. Finding unique features in your menu that make your customers come to you to find things that only you have.
Which merchants is it aimed at?
Ice n roll is perfect for all those establishments that do not have ice cream as their main business but for which it represents an excellent way to expand the offer. Pizzerias, restaurants but also clubs, fast food.
It is also aimed at those who want to experiment in the kitchen, to prepare delicious dishes with the use of ice cream, to make special combinations. But also the ice cream parlor itself, to experiment with new forms of ice cream. This is why the claim that we have associated with the machine is Think Gelato Different.

And you, what recipes have you experimented with at the moment?
We have experienced so many. Difficult to make a list. In these days here at the fair, the Moscow mule is very popular: ginger, vodka and cucumber. Of course, we also made all the classic ice cream pastes, fruit-based or not. But the most interesting aspects are also in the more daring combinations, for example with cheese, salami, nuts, fish. There is so much space to kick off creativity.
Not only with the ingredients you can experiment. the machine allows you to roll the ice cream, a particular and very suggestive shape that allows the creation of very creative dishes even in the presence.
The product was awarded at the HOST fair last week in Milan. What are the comments of those who see it for the first time?
Yes, Host Fiera Milano has selected it for the Smart Label Innovation Gallery. One comment that stood out to me from one of our customers was that they look like ice cream chocolates. The combination of new flavors with the texture of the ice cream is an interesting experience for those who try it that amazes the customer.
More information about the machine and its operation can be found among our products . Let us know in the comments which recipes you would like to try, we will propose them to our chef.