Today we want to introduce you to the collaboration with Casa Trasacco Ltd which, after more than a year of work, will see us taking part in the new project of the very important Ghanaian brand in a few months.
We interviewed Massimiliano C. Taricone , CEO and owner of the company, the latest venture of the TRASACCO Group of Companies.
Can you tell us what Casa Trasacco is?
Casa Trasacco Ltd is part of the TRASACCO Group , founded in Ghana in 1968 by my grandfather. It is a multi-product group that ranges from the production of wood, cement and bricks, to construction plants, to pineapple farms and has more than 4,000 employees to its credit.
Casa Trasacco Ltd is one of the companies of the group and was founded in 2007. In a few years it has become the most important furniture and design company in West Africa, developing large architectural studios and projects for numerous public works, institutions and organizations.
What are your strengths?
We work with the largest and most reliable furniture and design brands, we have 5 large showrooms in Ghana where we offer the best of Made in Italy production and offices in London, Dubai, Washington and obviously Rome.
Surely design is not your only interest, we learned that just last week you won Masterchef Ghana, does this influence your business in any way?
Along with design, my great passion has always been food, which is why we are creating a franchise brand that combines the two things: Chop Italy, food and live style . The idea is to create a new fast food brand for West Africa with a selection of very special menus made with Italian products.
How did you go about developing the project?
We started from the choice of food products that we want to offer and by careful market research we arrived at the machine manufacturers. Here we met Techfood.
After a year and a half of meetings and development we are now ready with the machines that Techfood has adapted to our needs and between September and October the new brand will open its first stores.
The understanding and trust that has characterized our working together is a point of great importance and added value for me.

Massimo Taricone, winner of Master Chef Gana
July 06, 2015