We want to continue talking to you about the many partnerships that have arisen over the years between our brand and the great Italian excellences. After the pasta cooker and the collaboration with Barilla , today we're talking about crepe makers.
It is in fact a satisfaction for us to be able to say that Techfood technology and products have been linked for three years to the Venchi brand which has chosen them for the preparation of crepes in its stores.
The history of the Venchi brand dates back to 1878, when Silviano Venchi, then only twenty years old, opened his first chocolate shop in Turin which in a short time became very famous for an irresistible bon-bon of minced and caramelized hazelnuts covered in chocolate which has since everyone knows by the name of nougatine. The small shop became a laboratory and soon a national company, at the beginning of the 2000s it moved to Cuneo and in 2006 the production of ice cream began.
We asked Roberto Greco , quality control manager of the Venchi stores, a few questions.
We all grew up with our grandmother who gave us nougatine as a gift, how did you get from the historic production of chocolate to the opening of a mono-brand format of chocolate and ice cream shops?
The path that has guided our development and the passage to the opening of the Cioccogelaterias is undoubtedly that of a continuous interest in product research and development and the improvement of products and production techniques without ever abandoning our history and the look at tradition.
What are Venchi Cioccogelaterias?
They are places where you can buy and taste our products. There are more than twenty direct sales points, located in the centers of the main Italian cities, in airports, stations, shopping centers and in large European cities such as London, Bucharest and Istanbul, but also in Brazil, China and the United States. In many places we are present in the Eataly stores.
What can we find inside the Cioccogelateria?
You can find the entire bulk product line, from bars to snacks, the new chocolate pasta, our ice cream, crepes, milkshakes, spreadable cream on tap and Venchino, a Piedmontese must-have, made with melted gianduja.
To prepare the crepes you have decided to use Techfood equipment and semi-finished products. How did this choice come about?
We needed a serious and technologically advanced company. In Techfood we have found a reliable and capable partner, without forgetting the value given by the made in Italy, which using local technologies makes our product absolutely Italian.
In our stores you can taste the crepes prepared with Techfood recipes and filled with our spreadable cream or Venchino.
Thanking Mr. Greco we just have to invite you to go and taste the delicious Venchi crepes in the numerous points of sale .
May 15, 2015