This year Techfood obtained the ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Listed mark: always very attentive to the compliance of our products with safety standards, we have obtained the safety symbol recognized throughout North America.
This mark indicates that the products have been tested by an accredited third-party laboratory, in compliance with applicable safety standards (ANSI, UL, CSA, ASTM, NFPA) and minimum requirements, to be sold and distributed in North American territory.
The large number of studies to prevent accidents at work, together with scientific research, have produced a substantial literature from which the indications of conformity and the requirements that must be absolutely followed to minimize the risk of accidents have been born.
For example, if the machines weigh more than 35 kg, they must necessarily have 10 cm high feet to allow the bench to be sanitized without moving the machines.
Certification, even if not mandatory, makes sales much easier and safer because retailers, inspectors, users, local authorities unanimously accept products marked by a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory). When an installation is certified, there are concessions from an insurance point of view and greater guarantees for employees and workers.
ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) is a private independent organization, active for over 100 years in the field of measurement, and was originally founded by Thomas Alva Edison in 1896.
Each NRTL has a proprietary mark (eg, ETL, CSA and UL) which demonstrates that the product meets the minimum requirements set by national safety standards.
The ETL Listed mark is an indicator of product compliance with safety standards, recognized and accepted in exactly the same way as the UL and CSA marks; it also certifies that the manufacturing plant is suitable for production and is subject to periodic inspections which guarantee conformity of production over time.
Retailers, inspectors and local authorities (AHJ's - Authorities Having Jurisdiction) unanimously accept ETL Listed branded products , considering them compliant with product safety regulations.
The importance of safety, among the main characteristics of a product, is indisputable for us and this is yet another proof and demonstration.