Today we want to tell you about a case in which Techfood technology was developed by collaborating with one of the largest Italian food companies: Professional Multifunctional Pasta Cooker (CPM) , the pasta cooker designed and produced together with Barilla .
Angelo Iori , the owner, explains how this partnership was born:
It was the early 2000s and the Barilla company had developed a series of pre-cooked and frozen pasta products in single-dose format designed for the foreign market.
Our company proposed and made Techfood technology available to develop a high-performance cooking machine that could be supplied to establishments that used those products .
Thus CPM was born, a simple and intuitive machine that allows you to defrost and cook single portions in a time ranging from 30 seconds for short pasta, spaghetti and tagliatelle, up to one minute and thirty for stuffed ones.
The innovation consisted in integrating, for the first time, the pasta cooker with a microwave oven placed under the machine. The union of the two objects was studied in such a way that:
  • the two technologies could not only work separately, but also interact with each other
  • CPM was able to guarantee a high level of efficiency with an electronic self-diagnosis system, connected directly via modem, from which to send and receive information on the technical data and on the portions dispensed daily
  • it was possible to defrost 2 portions of sauces at the same time or alternatively one or two portions of lasagna
The difficulty was integrating that technology into a countertop machine that was as compact as possible, which could be adopted by places that didn't have a real kitchen and that in this way, with a single unskilled counter operator, could prepare a steaming dish and Italian pasta espresso.
A financing agreement was signed with Barilla Foodservice for technical development which lasted three years. This division, the flagship of the company in terms of innovation and profitability, was then led by Sergio Comito Viola (Division Manager), Gabriele Lusignani (Marketing Manager) and Stefano Giovanzani (Sales Manager) who shared the project with us and they have been truly instrumental in the development and success of the initiative.
We developed five prototypes which were installed in as many premises chosen by Barilla. The collaboration proved to be very interesting for both of us and between 2005 and 2007 we produced, tested and certified 1000 approved machines for European and United States fast food restaurants. These have been given on loan for use and installed in the premises chosen by Barilla and today we take care of the maintenance and development of a new model that will integrate with the existing one.
And so, at a time when show cooking was not yet fashionable, Techfood offers a display machine that combines innovative technology, production speed, careful study of ease of use and cleanliness with design refined, signed by the golden compass Vito Cammarata.