The competition with which our company gave away a machine to whoever invented the name of the new Techfood product ended in recent days.
The product to which to give the name is the latest born in the Techfood house and is able to cook Crepes, Waffles, Churros, Donuts, Piadine, Tortillas and Pita thanks to "easy click", a simple and immediate system that allows you to change the cooking plates.
Participants were asked to invent the name for the new Techfood product and among the numerous proposals that came to us from customers and the public that follows us, the jury chose: the name is UNIKA and the winner is Mr. Gino Buquicchio.
We interviewed him and asked him to tell us why he proposed this name and what he thinks of our new product.
Good morning Gino, you are the winner of the "give yourself the name" contest. Can you briefly tell us who he is and what he does?
I am very happy that the jury chose the name I recommended.
I'm an area manager and I represent FOODNESS , a company that, within the Horeca sector, offers an innovative selection of products dedicated to the bar and cafeteria sector and makes innovation its modus operandi, just like Techfood.
When did you see the new Techfood product for the first time? What struck you?
I have known personally, for some years now, the Iori family, owners of Techfood. Last January, during Sigep , the International Artisan Gelato, Pastry and Bakery Exhibition that takes place every year in Rimini, I visited the Techfood stand, and on that occasion I was presented with the machine for the first time.
As soon as I saw it, I was immediately intrigued, even if at first glance it's not immediately clear what it is, you look at it, you're interested and you immediately ask yourself: why a complete machine accompanied by plates from other products? Can they be interchanged? How many and what types of products can be prepared?
Why did you decide to propose "Unika" as the name for the new Techfood product?
Simple, it was the first name that came to mind when it was explained to me by Angelo Iori who, on that occasion, invited me to participate in the competition. UNIKA, obviously with the k to give the name an international character, to reinforce and underline what is in my opinion its main attribute: its uniqueness.
What kind of place would you recommend it to? And what advantages could it have for a restaurateur?
I think it would be suitable for any Horeca establishment thanks to its ease of use. The restaurateur would certainly derive immediate benefits by being able to produce different types of sweets at the moment without having to prepare them in advance and keep them in the fridge.
Happy with your prize? What use will he make of it?
I'm very happy! I'm thinking of donating it to a bar in which I have a share.
Unika was presented for the first time two months ago at Sigep and from the end of March it will begin to be present in our customers' stores.
If you would like information on this new Techfood product or are interested in its presentation, do not hesitate to contact us .
March 12, 2015