Participate in the "give yourself the name" contest and win the new Techfood machine. The new food machine is able to cook Crepes, Waffles, Churros, Donuts, Piadine, Tortillas and Pitas. A single machine is able to cook all these different foods thanks to "easy click", a simple and immediate system for changing the cooking plates.
This product is also equipped with Techfood technology which does not produce fumes or odours, therefore there is no need to install a hood or a ventilation system for the room. The use of the machine is simple and immediate.
Thanks to the purchase of a single product, you will have the opportunity to considerably expand your proposal and menu, presenting both sweet and savory novelties, in particular you can enrich the breakfast proposal as well as the aperitif. Or unleash your imagination on the brunch menu or in the afternoon.
To participate in the competition, you need to register on the Techfood website and propose the name of the new product. Among all the proposed names Techfood will choose one. The person who has created the chosen name will be able to receive the Techfood machine for free.
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January 08, 2015