Techfood signs a commercial agreement for the supply of technologies for the Eataly shops, in particular it will take care of the production of the machine dedicated to cooking Fishkebab .
The patented machine is equipped with an infrared cooking system that allows for quick cooking, in just a few minutes, with energy savings of up to 50% less than a normal kebab cooking machine.
The machine designed by Techfood has a closed rotisserie equipped with tempered glass. This allows for hygienic cooking and avoids heat dispersion into the environment . Furthermore, a combustion gas recirculation and treatment system avoids the need for cooking fume evacuation and filtration systems, ie the flue, improving the livability of the environment for customers and workers. For cooking kebabs without unpleasant odors or large investments in ventilation systems.
The machine has been designed to have a low environmental impact, in line with the sustainability characteristics of the project. Eataly, in fact, intends to launch a sustainable fast food between Italian fishermen's and producers' organizations and Eataly shops for the promotion of Italian culinary specialties in the world.
At present the supply consists of 4 machines delivered to the shops in Turin , Milan , Florence and Bologna .
We just have to invite you to try the fishkebab and let us know what you think.
January 08, 2015