Also this year Techfood participates in Barawards, the award promoted by Bargiornale, Restaurants and Dolcegiornale aimed at enhancing innovation in the catering sector. The third edition of the competition sees more than one hundred solutions divided into nine categories compete, discover and vote for our candidate proposals.

Choco Burger, the new sweet bun of the year

Presented in January as an exclusive preview during Sigep in Rimini, Choco Burger is the novelty of the year which has been received with great interest by the sector. The product was born as an alternative and original idea to attract customers and expand the offer of a place.
Choco Burger is a sweet bun consisting of a chocolate medallion encased in two waffles . The internal honeycomb structure typical of the waffle allows it to be filled easily, making it easy to taste.
There are four flavors in which the chocolate burger is presented: milk and amaretto, kiss and hazelnuts, dark with orange and cinnamon, and finally white chocolate and biscuit. The recipe for the chocolate disks is inspired by the traditional and irresistible chocolate salami, transforming itself into a gourmet version of it.
Perfect for every season, the Choco Burger proposal can be declined in different forms depending on the time of year. In fact, in the summer it is filled with fresh fruit and ice cream, while in the colder seasons it is served with chocolate and sweet toppings.
Choco Burger is competing at Barawards 2017, find out how to vote:
  1. Follow the VOTE link
  2. Choose the Foodservice Sweets and Equipment category
  3. Select Choco Burger
  4. Enter Name, Surname and Email
  5. Submit

Street Food E-Bike: pedaling towards success

Street Food E-Bike also competes in the third edition of Barawards and presents itself as a practical and scenic solution for itinerant sales. Among its strengths, the ecological soul allows you to reach every area of ​​the city, even the limited zlt areas.
Street Food E-Bike is an electric bicycle equipped with a cart, equipped with a handwasher and a drawer refrigerator. It is a totally customizable mobile corner. It can be combined with Ice n Roll, the plate for freezing ice cream, or with other machines such as Rondò Unika, Choco Kebab and Choco Burger.
Practical, ecological and scenic, the Street Food E-Bike has all it takes to win the Barawards innovation award. Find out how to vote for it:
  1. Follow the VOTE link
  2. Choose the category Tools and Service Equipment
  3. Select Street Food E-bike
  4. Enter Name, Surname and Email
  5. Submit

Barawards: the rules of voting

You have until November 15th to vote for Choco Burger and Street Food E-Bike at the 2017 Barawards. No more than three votes can be cast per category and any multiple votes will not be counted.
The classification methods for the award are the sum of online votes and panelist votes. The final award ceremony will be presented at the Unicredit Pavilion on Monday 11 December during the traditional Barawards Dinner Gala.
Techfood's victory is in your hands, vote now for Choco Burger and Street Food E-bike at the innovation of the year award .