Proposing gluten-free desserts helps to increase sales by welcoming the market share that must give up traditional flours for health. A choice that requires particular attention both in the preparation and storage of gluten-free foods and products.
Techfood has expanded the range of gluten-free products by studying a space-saving solution for preparing crêpes in total safety. The Crêperie is in fact a small machine sold with a gluten-free sweet and savory preparation. A complete package chosen by many to increase the offer and protect the customer's health.
Discover the story of Antonella Leo who, together with her husband Fabrizio Zappi, decided to offer gluten-free ice cream and desserts in their Gelateria Le Logge in Orbetello (Grosseto).

In addition to ice cream, what do you offer at Gelateria Le Logge?

Lots of things. In addition to ice cream, we offer cakes, frozen desserts, gluten-free desserts such as crêpes, Sicilian cannoli and warm brioches also filled with ice cream. In our offer we have also added savory tortillas and even pre-packaged and pre-sliced ​​gluten-free pizza to be heated when requested. All the sweet and savory offer is gluten free, we are specialized in gluten free.

Why did you choose to aim for gluten free?

The decision starts from a choice in the family: my wife Antonella and my daughters are celiac. For this reason we have opted for an exclusively gluten-free proposal and to rely on Techfood to have a machine with which to make sweet and savory crêpes for celiacs.
Discover the gluten-free proposal of Techfood

Yours looks like a place with a very specific philosophy, right?

Exact. We use quality ingredients to make our gluten-free desserts. Milk, eggs and fruit are fresh foods, the flours are guar and locust beans are natural products and we do not use industrial semi-finished products.

Yours is a wide offer, do you vary the menus according to the seasons?

Yes, in the summer we obviously focus more on ice cream as it is an ice cream shop. In winter, on the other hand, we give more space to gluten-free wraps and desserts, and also to yoghurt which is preferred at low temperatures.

In any case, ice cream remains our forte, but we also apply seasonality in this field. We like to rotate the ice cream flavors a lot according to the seasons, we have a total assortment of 180 flavors of which 42 are on display. In this period pistachio, chocolate, cinnamon and ginger are the most popular, as well as Dolce Veleno which is our recipe. It's a taste that I can't reveal (laughs, ed ) with coffee, eggnog, honey and other secret ingredients.

And what is the secret ingredient for a successful restaurant?

There are three: quality, courtesy and cleanliness. For us they are fundamental elements: QCP is the mathematical formula never to be forgotten.

Cleanliness is essential for Antonella and Fabrizio, who have to pay even more attention to hygiene with their gluten-free offer. Do you want to know more about health and hygiene standards? Find out how to manage allergens with the HACCP control plan
November 23, 2017