3) Choco Burger conquers everyone

Eleven months have passed since the official launch of Choco Burger at the 2017 edition of Sigep in Rimini. Eleven months of great success, in which the chocolate burger has become a hotly requested product on the Italian and foreign markets .
Choco Burger is one of the latest solutions, designed by Techfood for all places that want to extend their offer with originality and taste. It is the new concept of dessert, to be offered both in take away and street food versions.
How to attract customers to a venue? Discover the secrets of Choco Burger
A chocolate burger that comes in four flavors: white chocolate and biscuit, dark chocolate and hazelnuts, dark chocolate with orange and cinnamon, and milk chocolate and amaretto. The chocolate disc of Choco Burger is enclosed in two hot waffle pods, whose honeycomb interior favors a complete and simplified filling.
The creativity and innovation of Choco Burger have intrigued many operators in the sector, so much so that they have tested its real sales potential by hand. If you haven't discovered Choco Burger yet, let yourself be conquered by its sweetness .

2) Street Food E-Bike wins at the 2017 Barawards

The freshest and still indelible news of this December: Street Food E-Bike wins at the Barawards of Bargiornale in the Service Tools and Accessories category . A station on three wheels for bars and clubs that is easy to transport thanks to the electric motor.
Practical, ecological and scenic, the Street Food E-Bike adapts to any type of business. From the crêpes cart to the Choco Burger corner street, the bicycle is fully equipped for direct sales: a drawer refrigerator and a handy hand basin kept in total balance.
A perfect tool for street food because it allows you to overcome the obstacles of restricted traffic areas, allowing you to position your business in total autonomy.
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1) Techfood celebrates 25 years of business

2017 is also a year to remember for the 25 years of the Techfood company . An important milestone duly celebrated during HostMilano, where we presented the exciting video of our history.
In recent years we have met many people who have supported Techfood, fully understanding the entrepreneurial and team spirit that distinguishes us. When one takes stock of the year that is about to end, it is also necessary to give thanks. And we want to take the opportunity to thank all those who have seen innovation in Techfood, that extra idea designed to meet new needs.

Thanks to all of you, with the hope that 2018 will be as exciting as the year that leaves us. Because we always look to the future, we are a big family, ready to grow together again and again.
Happy New Year from Techfood.
December 22, 2017