Valentine's Day is approaching, the sweetest and most romantic of anniversaries. Valentine's Day can turn out to be a free opportunity to do marketing , for this reason it is very important to take care of and create the right atmosphere in your place. A few tricks are enough to make everything more magical, here are our ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day in your restaurant.

Light my fire

Candlelight dinners are a great Valentine's Day classic, so why not transform the place into a more intimate environment? Whether your business is a brewery or an ice cream shop, you can make it more romantic by adding themed candles and candle holders.

Do it yourself by preparing pretty jars with your own hands. You could paint an empty jam container with soft and reddish colors, you just need some acrylic color and a lot of goodies to finish as many jars as possible. Add a touch of creativity and paint the container by covering one side with a heart-shaped sticker. When the color is dry, remove the sticker for a magical effect.

Red roses for you

Massimo Ranieri was not entirely wrong when he sang "perhaps in love roses are no longer used". A bouquet of red roses is one of the most common gifts for lovers, but we recommend a tasty and original alternative.

You could prepare some special Valentine's themed donuts with Rondò Unika . Decorate them with heart-shaped sprinkles and for the base, use the same recipe for Red Velvet , the American cake with its unmistakable red colour. No more red roses, only red velvet on Valentine's Day.


Drunk in love

If you serve drinks in your restaurant, one of the ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day is the possibility of creating a menu designed for Valentine's Day. For a romantic toast, we recommend a cocktail with a very sweet taste , you will be served dry sparkling wine, orange juice and Squeezita cream with berries. For a more daring cheer, however, a love drink with cherry brandy, gin and dry vermouth to be served strictly with two maraschino cherries.

24 thousand kisses


There is no Valentine's Day without a special kiss, so why not immortalize it? You could offer a discount to couples who will take a selfie in your club, start following your Instagram profile and re-share the photo with a hashtag specially created by you. 

Consider the importance of offers for couples, such as a special dish for two . If your business is a pub, a brewery or a cafeteria, we advise you to offer different types of sharing platters, dishes with different dishes to be divided in two. With Steamì and Combi Wave it won't take long and the result will be excellent.

Chocolate ice cream

Green light for creativity also with Techfood's Ice n Roll , a machine capable of instantly creaming ice cream. One of the advantages of Ice n Roll is the curled shape that the ice cream takes during processing. If you opt for a strawberry base, the result will be that of little red ice cream roses.

These are our ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day in your restaurant. Let us know what you think.