At the end of January we took part in Sigep in Rimini , where we presented many important innovations for the restaurant world.
From the smallest restaurant to the perfectly structured one, the products that have recently become part of the Techfood catalog are designed to satisfy anyone; it is precisely for this reason that the many patrons of the fair have appreciated our proposals .
What are we talking about? We present them to you one by one!

Bubble sticks

bubble sticks

The first new entry is called Bubble Stick , and it's a brand new low-cost food trend served 'on a stick'. Imagine a bubble waffle and transfer the sparkling lightness of bubbles onto a stick, filled or not. A single plate is enough to obtain up to six Bubble Sticks at a time, to take away or even to serve on the plate. All that remains is to garnish with creams, fruit or grains as you like, and that's it. The extra secret? They can also be prepared in a savory version, both stuffed and not, for a different lunch proposal than usual.

Crepe Brulee

crepe brulee

We then move on to Crêpe Brûlée , a reinterpretation of the well-known French dessert in a street food key. The Techfood semi-finished products and the Rondò plate allow you to make a take-away crêpe in seconds, filling it with Gran Crema Squeezita enriched with a first layer of crunchy caramelized sugar.

Bubble tea Break

bubble tea
Who doesn't know bubble tea? It is now on everyone's lips. It is a tea-based beverage originally from Taiwan. Like many culinary inventions born out of mistakes, it would seem that this recipe too is the result of an oversight by Ms. Lin Hsiu Hu , the Tea Shop owner who in the 1980s accidentally poured fen yuan (tapioca pearls) into her iced tea during a meeting, thus discovering bubble tea. In the ten years since that discovery, milk tea mixed with pearls has evolved into hundreds of different, fun and unique variations and combinations.

The Pausa by Italian Food Factory brand has created its own version. Also in this case, by mixing the different elements of the drink (tea, boba and syrups ) the solutions are really many!

Pause capsule line



It is a complete line of hot drinks in DOLCE GUSTO® capsules . They are available in 18 variants from the most traditional to the incredibly original and colourful. Whether your customers love tea at 5 pm or pink milk reminiscent of cartoons, you'll know how to please them with a single machine.

Squeezita Fixing Jelly Spray

squeezed spray

So let's move on to the fixing jelly spray, a product of certain success created by Squeezita by Italian Food Factory. It is a transparent food spray that allows you to fix, decorate and enrich preparations such as brioches, muffins, cakes and even fruit salads.
These are the proposals that add to our already very wide line of machines, preparations and delicious products. Contact us to find out more!