Space Bun: creatività e velocità in ogni momento della giornata

Space Bun: creativity and speed at any time of the day

In the world of catering, innovation is the key to standing out and surprising customers with unique and tasty dishes.  Techfood has taken a step forward in this sector, introducing...
Rimanenze di un bar: una seconda chance si dà a tutte

Leftovers from a bar: everyone gets a second chance

A third of food wasted in restaurants. Every place, in its own small way, can contribute to the fight against discarded leftovers, here's how.
July 30, 2021
Pranzo da asporto originale: menu dell'operaio e dell'impiegato

Original takeaway lunch: worker and employee menu

For establishments in an industrial area, the lunch break is a profitable moment. Find out how to increase sales and loyalty with 2 personalized offers.
September 10, 2020
40 burger in 60 minuti: asporto vantaggioso con Combi Wave

40 burgers in 60 minutes: convenient takeaway with Combi Wave

The first reopenings are accompanied by the continuation of deliveries and takeaways. Discover the recipes for take-away gastronomy to optimize order management.
May 21, 2020