They are also called lunch bars and are always crowded from 12:00 to 14:00, when workers from the industrial areas go there for a stealthy but rewarding break. In this particular year, however, some places near offices and warehouses have implemented take-away lunches following the anti-Covid19 regulations.
The reduction of seats in closed places, in fact, creates inconvenience for both the manager and the customer. On the one hand, it reduces the covers with a hypothetical reduction in takings; on the other we find dilated expectations, often little appreciated by the public and dangerous for the loyalty towards a place. The take-away service is a solution to limit this difficulty, indeed with a personalized menu customer loyalty is strengthened, who feels pampered and listened to.
So here are 2 take-away lunch menus for 2 different types of workers to prepare with Combi Wave , the combi oven that cooks 20 times faster than other solutions. This way workers can enjoy their lunch break calmly.

The worker's menu

We have decided to divide the menus into heavy work and sedentary work, tiring ones require a high daily energy requirement. A dietary tip for those who do heavy work, such as workers, is to consume many calories, however, avoiding alcohol and foods that slow down digestion and promote drowsiness. A second course of meat, for example, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables is ideal.
Meatballs with potatoes
An excellent combination of proteins and carbohydrates, essential to sustain many hours of strenuous work. The format is also easy to serve as a take-away lunch and to eat outdoors. A 750 gram pan is prepared in just 2 minutes with Combi Wave.
2 minutes and 30 seconds of cooking in Combi Wave is enough and the vegetable ratatouille is ready to be paired. A note on cooking: Vegetables should be diced and seasoned with oil, salt and pepper before going into the oven.
And if they really don't want to give up the first courses, offer a hot portion of potato gnocchi. The simple dough makes them ideal because they are low in fat but have a good energy supply. Also in this case the cooking times are ultra-fast: 2 minutes in the oven and go!

meatballs for takeout lunch

The employee menu

As mentioned before, the midday meal must be sober and easily digestible, to avoid concentration difficulties and drowsiness, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. The employee's menu tries to prolong the sense of satiety by avoiding slipping into temptation and eating high-calorie snacks a few hours after lunch.
Spelled salad
The ideal solution for eating a complete and tasty meal in the office. Include vegetables and fish in the recipe for the right amount of fibre, vitamins and proteins. Furthermore, spelled will help reduce the sense of hunger for hours. If you use the pre-cooked solutions, in just 30 seconds of cooking with Combi Wave they will be ready to be taken away.
Apple pie
Do you want to surprise a loyal customer? Add a square of dessert to your take-away lunch, he'll be happy to receive a simple and tender thought like an apple pie. Ready in 60 seconds with Combi Wave.
spelled salad lunch takeout

These are just two types of menus that can be studied for a personalized take-away lunch, a practice that is part of customer care. Does the topic interest you? Find out the other aspects to never forget when it comes to strengthening the bar-customer relationship .
September 10, 2020