Sandwiches and sandwiches often replace hot dishes during the lunch break because they guarantee faster service or because there is no adequate kitchen corner. But imagine being a customer of your restaurant and being able to decide between 5 hot first courses and a sandwich from those left on the refrigerated counter. What do you think he chooses?
The answer is so obvious that we immediately move on to the topic of the article, or how to prepare 5 first courses for bars in just 5 minutes . We'll give you a hint, the speed of Combi Wave Smart has something to do with it .

Cavatelli Gratin, the special dish

With only this recipe studied by chef Simone Rugiati you will gain the trust of already loyal customers and that of the new ones who will arrive. Because there's nothing better than including an exclusive dish in the menu of the day to enhance and differentiate the offer from competitors.
Chef Rugiati himself declared in the Ristorazione Italiana magazine that "The true richness of a dish lies in its simplicity, but above all in the freshness and quality of the ingredients." And the Cavatelli Gratin recipe is made starting from non-precooked foods.
80 g of fresh pasta cavatelli
50 g of Roman broccoli
50 g of broccoli
50 g of caciotta
3 anchovy fillets
3 dried tomatoes
1 tablespoon of stewed onion
Ligurian basil
Evo oil, salt and pepper to taste
Put the broccoli florets, the pasta, a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt, a spoonful of stewed onion and water in a glass container with a lid. Cook, the built-in timer of Combi Wave will help you manage cooking times. After the first phase of cooking, add the grated caciotta to cover the pasta and cook. Once the pasta is ready, add the anchovy fillets, the chopped dried tomatoes and garnish with the fresh peeled basil.
ready meals for bars

Dishes for bars, the timeless four

A menu of dishes for bars, however, is also made up of typical recipes from cafeterias, like these four among which you will also find a gluten-free proposal.
Mushroom risotto is perfect for the winter and if you use pre-cooked single portions, the cooking time of Combi Wave Smart will also be perfect. In just 2 minutes and 30 seconds you can serve 300 g of risotto. Simply select the recipe on the machine, place the product in the pan and start the cooking cycle. Just like a chef aid, the oven will beep halfway through cooking to remind you to stir the rice.
The inevitable on Thursdays, they could become your specialty by adding and changing the fresh ingredients every week. The potato gnocchi are prepared in 2 minutes, placing the dish inside the oven with 1 part of gnocchi and 2 of water . Season with melted butter and gorgonzola for a delicious recipe.

Speaking of mouth-watering recipes and with regional ingredients, cappelletti al prosciutto are a must for a traditional menu of warm, comforting and quick bar fare. In fact, with Combi Wave Smart, cooking times are reduced, from 4 minutes in boiling water to 2 minutes with the Techfood oven . It is a wildcard recipe because you can alternate various toppings to vary, such as cream, meat sauce or ready-made sauces.
Single-portion and sealed cooking in Combi Wave Smart is also suitable for reviving gluten-free ready meals . Baked pasta, for example, is cooked in 3 minutes and 50 seconds in total safety. Adding an option for those who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten adds just as much importance to the bar, which over time could become a point of reference for the celiac public.
And if the idea of ​​having a single oven to prepare dishes for bars instantly has tickled your imagination, then find out what other space-saving and time-saving solutions we have thought of for small venues .