Theme nights were a real sales opportunity for locals, how to keep them alive despite the restrictions? Aim for special delivery menus, inspired by the anniversaries of the calendar to range with the proposal. Menu of the week: Thanksgiving!
Tradition has it that turkey with cranberry sauce is eaten on Thanksgiving, but when we think of American food products, more hamburgers and fries come to mind. Here then is an American-inspired menu to be created easily and in a short time with Combi Wave .
Burgers and fries
We have already mentioned it and it certainly cannot be missing from a US-themed delivery box. Ready in a minute and a half with the Combi Wave oven , just turn the meat halfway through cooking and add tomato, cheese and bacon.
Hot dog
Traditional American street food is ready in just one minute with our oven. In addition to the traditional sauces, you can make caramelized onions to garnish to make it irresistible.
Club Sandwich
The classic sandwich made in the USA is ready in just 40 seconds and in two possible variations:

  1. the classic one with chicken, bacon, iceberg and tomato;
  2. the one with salmon, avocado and iceberg. We recommend this variety of lettuce because it is naturally resistant to high temperatures.

Tex-Mex snacks
Combi Wave will also allow you to make some Tex-Mex snacks such as chicken wings, ready in 3 minutes. The possibility of frying without oil of Combi Wave will also allow you to prepare chicken nuggets in 2 minutes and, for vegetarians, crunchy dippers in 3 minutes. Furthermore, non-fried frying ensures that the products arrive home still crunchy and not moistened during transport.
Pancakes and donuts
If you like the idea of ​​American food products and would like to insert them in other moments of the day, with Rondò Unika you can prepare pancakes and donuts for delicious breakfasts, snacks and brunches to take away or deliver at home.

Rondò Unika and Combi Wave do not require a flue. So you can prepare dinner and snacks based on American food products even if you don't have a lot of space or a professional kitchen. And if burgers worked, why not impress customers with Choco Burger ? The chocolate burger comes in 8 different flavours.

November 26, 2020