For the past year, the words take away and delivery have entered our daily vocabulary. The perception of the two services has changed, not only for the public, but also for operators who see a take-away or home-delivered sandwich no longer as an alternative, but as a parallel offer to on-site sales. A hypothesis confirmed by chef Simone Rugiati, as he states in this interview :

The masses, who were not used to delivery before, have now experienced the convenience of the service and for this reason we need to rethink the equipment for fast and quality take-away. The Combi Wave or Combi Wave Smart ovens allow you to reduce working days and personnel. It allows you to organize pre-cooked dishes, then blast chilled and regenerated when ordering; all with just one person in the kitchen.

With the increase of establishments active in take away, it therefore becomes essential to differentiate the proposal by considering two factors: speed of service and quality of the menu. The recipes that Rugiati has created for Techfood will help you in this.
Delicious and original proposals, easy to replicate in a short time in your bar, which will allow you to prepare take-away dishes even in a small and unequipped kitchen . Like the Pan per focaccia, a focaccia for bars ready in less than 2 minutes with Combi Wave and filled with local ingredients.

Ingredients for one serving

1 Focaccia

60 g Culaccia

1 Abbot pear

1 small clear zucchini

40 g Stracchino

20 g Hazelnuts

A few grains of currants

Salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil to taste


Place the focaccia per bar and the hazelnuts on the baking sheet Combi Wave and cook for 1:45 minutes. Cut the zucchini very thin with a mandolin and season it with a pinch of salt, pepper and a drizzle of oil.


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Open the focaccia like a book and fill it with the stracchino, the culaccia, the pear cut into thin slices, the courgettes and the toasted hazelnuts.  Ultimate with a few grains of currants and serve.

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In addition to those of chef Simone Rugiati, there are really many recipes that Combi Wave allows you to prepare burgers, chips, chicken wings and much more 20 times faster . And with the new restyling of the oven, fresh from 2021, it's even easier to sanitize the equipment.

January 21, 2021