The consumption of breakfast at the bar after the coronavirus has changed, thanks to the dilated times waiting for coffee and smart working which has prompted many workers to start the day with coffee and biscuits from home . The situation is striking in Rome, where in the districts of embassies, ministerial offices and large companies for restaurateurs it is always as if it were Saturday , but it is a widespread phenomenon throughout Italy.

For managers, the new trend is a risk, especially if one thinks of breakfast, which would represent more than half of the daily income. How to bring customers back in the first hours of opening? We offer you three aspects that should not be underestimated and a bagel recipe to increase the average receipt.

Safe breakfast for manager and customers

Before the spread of the coronavirus , over 5 million Italians ate their first meal away from home , a very important number for understanding how much breakfast is a safety measure for some locals. However, the distance between people and the smaller number of people that a place can contain are currently a brake on consumption. To rebalance the receipts, think about:

  1. Allow the possibility to work at the table.
    It is an excellent trick to bring smart workers back to the café, who after months and months at home will certainly appreciate the possibility of changing their desk for a morning.
  2. Offer a breakfast table reservation service.
    Obviously you will have to have judgment criteria that facilitate collections and do not penalize them. For example, you can only book tables of 3 or more or on a particular day of the week where there is a special menu.
  3. Prepare a special menu to raise the final price of the breakfast.
    Cappuccino and brioche are a guaranteed income, but when it comes to booking a table you can push towards an offer richer in flavor (and from the point of view of the receipt). A perfect brunch recipe includes low-cost delicacies, and with a little foresight it can also become a delivery proposal.

Brunch as a consumer experience to raise the price

The custom of brunch, in fact, is finding more and more consensus among Italians especially on weekends. The combination of breakfast and lunch seems to date back to nineteenth-century English hunting trips, but the modern format refers to the United States of the Thirties and calls for bagels, bacon, eggs, ham and pancakes, fruit and various pastries in the recipe .

Preparations can scare bars that only have a warming burner, but with the multi-functionality of Combi Wave Smart it is possible to cook all foods in multiple ways for a perfect brunch and in a few square meters . Here are two suggestions:

Bagels with green beans and salmon and bacon eggs

Place half a frozen bagel and a handful of green beans on the Teflon-coated aluminum tray supplied with the Combi Wave Smart. Arrange the diced soft cheese on one half of the bagel and drizzle with a drizzle of oil and salt.

On the side, break two eggs into a bowl, add a pinch of salt and diced bacon. We advise you to use an earthenware container to allow for optimal propagation of the microwaves which will be used in one of the cooking stages.

Cook bagels, green beans and eggs together by selecting the appropriate Combi Wave Smart Bacon Eggs recipe. By combining two of the three oven technologies, we will have a fantastic result: the microwaves will cook the green beans from the inside, as if they were steamed, and cook the egg evenly. The turbo ventilation will then make bagels and green beans crispy, grilling the cheese.

Arrange the green beans on the half of the bagel with the grilled cheese. Complete the filling with smoked salmon and add chopped chives to the eggs before serving.

Bagel with Salmon and fresh cheese

Here's another typical brunch bagel recipe, with a Northern European inspiration. Simply cut the bagel in half, fill it with smoked salmon, cream cheese and chopped chives.

Your bagel is now ready to go in the oven. You can use the tray supplied with Combi Wave Smart or place it directly on the grill, protected by parchment paper. Close the door and start the cooking cycle of the specific bagel recipe by pressing the knob: 1 minute and 10 seconds will suffice.

Are you afraid that cooking in the oven could damage fresh ingredients? Don't worry, because it is possible to dose the internal temperature in order to give only a slight searing to the salmon, while the ventilation phase will toast our bagel for an exceptional result.

A couple of final tips: for bagels with salad we suggest using the iceberg variety, which has a natural resistance to high temperatures. You can enrich the flavor and presentation of your bagel by inserting a diced tomato and avocado in the center hole.

And with Combi Wave Smart you can go beyond the brunch recipe and also focus on delivery. We talk about it in depth in the article dedicated to Dark Kitchens , have you read it yet?

July 09, 2020