Finally the shutters have risen again and it is now possible to welcome customers back into the club, albeit with a limited capacity and with the various rules to be respected. While waiting to find a new balance in the much-discussed coexistence with the virus, the continuation of home delivery and take-away activities is not only useful but also necessary to recover lost place settings and experiment with new recipes for take-away gastronomy .
In recent months we have analyzed the various trends in consumption and the pros and cons of food delivery and take away . Of course, to make these activities assets and not to increase the cost items together with the dough, it is advisable to have the right equipment, which allows to reduce preparation times, food costs and the use of personnel. A countertop oven without a flue such as Combi Wave is ideal for preparing complete take-away menus from appetizers to desserts, in a short time, in a small space and without the need for specialized personnel.
If the competition for pizza and Asian dishes is ruthless, there are many recipes for take-away gastronomy that you can prepare with Combi Wave. We bring you some strong dishes ready in less than 3 minutes to optimize order management , but the possibilities are endless.

Chicken craze

Customers of pubs and breweries will have missed the tasty chicken wings in front of the game. And if the restart of the championship does not depend on us, we can certainly evoke good memories and prepare excellent wings in just 3 minutes to accompany the house sauces.
For a more original proposal, you could add Salomon Foodworld 's Chicken Teriyaki Sticks to the menu : mini chicken skewers glazed with the famous oriental sauce, one of the new must-haves in any self-respecting barbecue. Prepare them in 2 minutes and 20 seconds with Combi Wave .

Fish and chips

The street food star from across the Channel is ready in just 2 minutes and 50 seconds. A complete meal that will transform the park bench or home balcony into a rock with an ocean view.

fish and chips

Burger corner

Hamburgers are certainly very popular among take-away gastronomy recipes because they are among the most requested fast food products by the customer and easier for those who prepare them to pack and transport. With Combi Wave you can indulge yourself, Salomon Foodworld's Pulled Pork Burger is ready in just 2 minutes, and the same goes for the Vegan Burger.
Speaking of vegan offerings, try to tempt even the most fundamentalist carnivores with this recipe that Chef Simone Rugiati has created for our ovens. A gourmet dish ready in 2 minutes with the space-saving Combi Wave Smart version.

vegan burger

Side dishes and desserts

Complete the offer with side dishes to increase the profit margin and pampering customers who are more attentive to their figure or with a sweet tooth. An example? Grilled vegetables in 2 minutes and 30 seconds and potatoes au gratin, ready in exactly the same minutes.
Now you just have to think about some desserts. Bake some excellent chocolate brownies , perfect for any time of day. Ready in 1 minute with Combi Wave.
In short, there really is something for all tastes and a countertop oven will prove to be a precious ally for the restart of your restaurant, both in this transition phase and when you return to more on-site work. Find the one that best suits your place or contact us for personalized advice .

May 21, 2020