Of all the ready-to-eat dishes for bars, pasta is certainly the most frequent solution , which however lacks a lack of originality and taste. It is often an experience for those establishments with a kitchen of a few square metres, but small spaces cannot limit the variety of the menu.

Thanks to Combi Wave you can prepare a complete offer, starting from non-precooked foods, and original, inspired by Simone Rugiati's recipes. Today we present the latest dish that the chef has studied for the Combi line: cavatelli with a Mediterranean-flavored sauce ready in just 4 minutes.

Cavatelli Gratin


80 g of fresh pasta cavatelli

50 g of Roman broccoli

50 g of broccoli

50 g of caciotta

3 anchovy fillets

3 dried tomatoes

1 tablespoon of stewed onion

Ligurian basil

Evo oil, salt and pepper to taste

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Put the trimmed broccoli florets, the pasta, a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt, a spoonful of stewed onion and water in a tempered glass container with a lid. And cook, the built-in timer of Combi Wave will help you manage cooking times.

After the first phase of cooking, add the grated caciotta to cover the pasta and cook.

Once the pasta is ready, add the anchovy fillets, the chopped dried tomatoes and garnish with the fresh peeled basil.

With Simone Rugiati's original recipes and the cooking speed of Combi Wave, ready-to-eat dishes for bars will be just the last alternative to offer to your customers. And if you want to prepare a fish second course? Try chef Rugiati's trio of salmon, baked in 120 seconds.

April 02, 2020