Three recipes in two and a half minutes with a single oven: it's not a trick of magic, but one of the four recipes that Chef Simone Rugiati has studied for the Combi line ovens. After having discovered its delicious proposals for gourmet sandwiches, the Rugiati Burger and the Pan per focaccia , it's the turn of a balanced and tasty second course: the Rapid Salmon .
It is a trio of one of the most loved and consumed fish: salmon , which is prepared on the grill, in a flan with potatoes and as a skewer together with asparagus. All ready in just two minutes with Combi Wave and using all parts of the steak, leaving no waste.

For the flan :
50 g of salmon
40 g of boiled ratte potatoes
5 threads of chives
1 slice of cereal bread in a box
15 g of feta
1 egg
40 ml of cream
Salt and Pepper To Taste

For the grilled salmon:
160 g of salmon steak
5 asparagus
Evo oil, salt and pepper to taste
Lemon butter (100 g butter, 1 lemon)

For the skewer:
90 g of salmon
1 asparagus
1 daikon
Extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and white sesame to taste

For the flan: Cut the boiled potatoes into cubes and combine them in a bowl with the feta, bread and salmon cut into cubes of the same size. Add the eggs, the finely chopped chives and the cream. Amalgamate everything well, transfer the compound into the pirottine and sprinkle it with sesame.
For the skewer: Cut the salmon into cubes and sprinkle lightly with white sesame. Cut the asparagus into three parts and assemble the skewer by alternating salmon and asparagus. Cut a slice of Daikon. Add salt and pepper, add a drizzle of oil and transfer the skewer and daikon to the oven tray.
For the grilled salmon: Place the salmon steak skin side down and the asparagus on the baking sheet. Add salt and pepper and add a drop of oil to both foods. To prepare the lemon butter, use the butter at room temperature and once soft, add the grated zest of half a lemon.
Cooking: Cook the flan, skewer and steak for one minute and twenty seconds; take out the cup and the skewer and continue cooking the salmon steak with the asparagus for another minute. Don't worry, the Combi Wave's built-in timer will help you manage cooking times! Once ready, add a slice of lemon butter to the salmon steak which will melt with the heat. Transfer the butter to a sheet of parchment paper and roll it up to form a cylinder, then put it to freeze. Did you miss any steps? Watch the video recipe that Simone Rugiati has prepared for us:

Combi Wave is truly an ally in all kitchens, even those that are small, poorly equipped and without a flue. There are many sweet and savory preparations that you can make, such as these ideas for a buffet lunch.
March 19, 2020