If until a few years ago we would never have thought of ordering or serving a vegan hamburger in a restaurant, now there is no menu that does not dedicate at least one item to it. And while dedicated venues and new trends such as the fake meat , even a small, poorly equipped bar can easily adapt the offer by even proposing the recipe of a renowned chef such as Simone Rugiati.

We had already introduced you to the Pan per focaccia , the first of the four recipes that the chef has created for the Combi Wave counter system . Today we reveal the second proposal: a vegan burger ready in 2 minutes thanks to the three cooking systems of Combi Wave Smart which, while defrosting food, cooks it for a perfect result.


1 vegan burger

30 g of fresh baby spinach

2 slices of beef heart tomato

1 slice of semi-seasoned Tuscan pecorino

1 tablespoon of sour cream

1 hamburger bun

1 battered onion ring

1 portion of fries

1 bergamot

Oil, salt and pepper to taste


Place on the tray Combi Wave Smart the hamburger, battered onion and potatoes, select the Rugiati Burger recipe and cook for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

Cut the sandwich in half and place it on the baking sheet. Grate half of the pecorino cheese on the hamburger and cook for 40 seconds.

Meanwhile, season the sour cream with oil, salt, pepper and bergamot zest and season the baby spinach with oil and salt.
Assemble the sandwich by spreading the sour cream on the bread and then arranging the hamburger, the onion ring, the seasoned baby spinach and the other half of the grated pecorino.
Serve with fries as a side dish.
And here is your vegan burger ready to serve to your customers for a tasty alternative to meat. Do you want to see all the steps of the recipe? Watch the video with all Simone Rugiati's advice:

Intrigued by the cooking speeds of Combi Wave Smart? Do you think that its technology was awarded at the 2018 Barawards and allows you to cook up to 20 times faster than other ovens in confined spaces . Really smart.