Whether you are for or against, October 31st is now a recurrence in our calendar as well and often represents an occasion for socializing for adults and children. If you are looking for some ideas for the Halloween menu but you don't want to limit yourself to the usual pumpkin, here are some proposals that can terrify any dietician. The watchword is in fact only one: exaggerate!
With ours professional ovens of the Combi line you can have fun with simple and quick preparations to theme for the occasion. Get inspired by these easy recipes for your Halloween menu:

Fried, but without fear of scales

Mixed fried
With Combi Masterchef  6 and a half minutes are enough to make an excellent mixed fry with battered vegetables, croquettes and other delicacies without frying in oil. You can also separate the fries in a separate basket to keep them crunchy. Unleash your imagination to give scary names to sauces and, for the more daring, serve a double portion.

halloween menu

Fish and chips
Combi Masterchef also allows you to serve a delicious Fish and Chips in just 8 minutes. So you'll have plenty of time to focus on serving up and making a sea monster.
Seaweed pancakes
In the recipe book of the oven Combi Wave you will also find the preparation of seaweed pancakes. Ready in less than 120 seconds, with their shape and green streaks they are perfect for filling a scary cauldron in the Halloween buffet.

If your restaurant is also frequented by children, offer these croquettes with a nice shape that recalls that of a carved pumpkin, perhaps accompanied by an orange carrot-based cream. Serve in 3 and a half minutes with Combi Wave.

Sweet sins of gluttony

Chocolate souffle
The sweet cake with a dark heart ready in just 60 seconds with Combi Wave. With its special effect once the fork sinks in, it can definitely be called a bewitched Souffle.

halloween menu

Given the international character of the party, why not also propose the cheesecake? Ready in just 30 seconds per portion, it will then be dusted with icing sugar and garnished with a strictly red sauce, such as strawberry or raspberry, or decorated with chocolate cobwebs.
We conclude with another gift from overseas: soft pancakes on which to draw monstrous faces or to be served with sauces with scary names, ready in just 30 seconds per portion with Combi Wave.

In short, all you need is a little imagination and very little time to amaze your customers with a themed offer, if you have the right equipment. With a professional oven you will find a precious ally not only for the Halloween menu, but in everyday preparations, from breakfast to dinner. Are you wondering which over-the-counter solution to choose? Take our test to discover the model that best suits the needs of your establishment.