In the world of catering, innovation is the key to standing out and surprising customers with unique and tasty dishes. 

Techfood has taken a step forward in this sector, introducing the revolutionary Space Bun . 

In fact, thanks to special equipment with two plates , the Space Bun is able to transform any type of baked product into a uniquely shaped sandwich. 

Its peculiarity? It seals the upper part with the lower part, preventing the contents from spilling once served, thus making it the perfect sandwich for any occasion .



Creativity and speed in a minute


One of the most impressive features of the Space Bun system is its speed. In less than a minute, you can serve tortillas, wraps, burgers, focaccias, pizza bread and toast - but also brioche or sponge cake - in a new creative version. This is a significant advantage for venues such as bars, bistros, ice cream parlors and pubs  who wish to offer a varied menu suitable for any moment of the day. Whether it's a delicate proposal for breakfast, a quick lunch, a tasty aperitif or a tasty dinner, Space Bun adapts to every need.


Technology and construction quality


The Space Bun plate is made of AISI 304 stainless steel , ensuring durability and hygiene. Each unit features an audible and visual timer for precise cooking, and the Longlife Teflon cooking plates are non-stick, self-cleaning and smoke-free. This high quality material guarantees the total absence of fumes and odors , eliminating the need for expensive extraction systems and simplifying cleaning operations.


An infinite number of options for your menu


The real strength of the Space Bun is its versatility. You can choose from an infinite number of doughs : sandwich bread, focaccia, tortilla, piadina, hamburger bread, brioche, toast bread, pizza bread or any bread of your choice. These options allow you to customize the menu according to your preferences of customers and on different occasions.


Surprising recipes 


Here are some ideas to stimulate culinary creativity:

Space Bun with octopus and squid fillet , chickpea hummus, salad, cherry tomatoes and caramelized onion: a delight for seafood lovers.



Space Bun with mortadella , pistachio sauce, cherry tomatoes and caramelized onion: a combination of Italian flavors that will conquer the palate.



Space Bun with tomato, cheese and Genoese pesto : a traditional classic in an innovative form.



Space Bun with custard , black cherry and fresh fruit: a dream dessert in sandwich form.



Space Bun with ice cream, pistachio spread and chopped hazelnuts: a delicacy that will make both adults and children happy.



Space Bun offers endless possibilities for creating extraordinary dishes. Add this innovative product to your culinary arsenal and prepare to amaze your customers with a menu that ranges from breakfast to dinner, including aperitif and dessert. 


Bon appetit, happy innovation and #nostressbun!