Are you looking for original dishes to include in your restaurant's Christmas menu? We have the answer for you: five unusual ideas that wink at tradition by revisiting the great classics or proposing new combinations. Discover our advice.

1. Mortadella sushi for appetizer

Surprising for traditional Italian tables, this appetizer mixes the Emilian taste with oriental gastronomic forms. Don't panic: there is no seaweed or raw fish, the star of this dish is mortadella.
Preparing this appetizer is quick and easy, but the result is original. Simply cut the mortadella into strips about 3cm wide, spread a soft cheese on top of the mortadella and roll it all up.
Finally, serve garnishing the dish with balsamic vinegar cream or toasted pistachios with honey. For a fresher taste, you can serve Ice n Roll with mortadella served with flakes of Parmigiano Reggiano and balsamic vinegar of Modena.

2. Crepe cannelloni as first course

Stuffed cannelloni, and baked pasta in general, are a fundamental Christmas dish. An indispensable course that can be reinterpreted with a lighter formula: stuffed crepe cannelloni.
The preparation in this case is also very simple. Using La Crêperie your savory crêpes will be perfect and ready in a few seconds. Separately, cook the filling which can be made with diced vegetables and béchamel, meat sauce or flour, spinach and walnuts.

3. Salmon perfect for Christmas Eve and lunch

One of the ingredients that can never be missing from the Christmas menu is salmon. Versatile and with a sweetly full-bodied taste, this fish is perfect for any festive occasion because it is suitable for both Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch.
With Combi Wave you can prepare a freshly cooked dish, ready to serve. The cooking time of 300g of salmon is only 60 seconds, an unbeatable timing. You can serve it with a raspberry, lemon and pomegranate sauce, a condiment that enhances the delicate flavor of the salmon.

4. Fresh side dish to lighten the menu

The holiday season is a food and wine marathon for anyone, so a fresh side dish on the Christmas menu is perfect for lightening the flow. Try proposing a crunchy salad of apples and celery or fennel and oranges.
The light and refreshing taste will be appreciated by your customers.

5. The dessert on the Christmas menu

Dulcis in fundo, the final moment of the Christmas menu: the range of desserts. In the list of proposals near the Yule log, add the original Ice n Roll to candied fruit, pandoro or sparkling wine.
Ice n Roll is creamed ice cream with a thousand flavours, let your imagination inspire you to create a Christmas flavor to offer in your establishment.

An original and unusual Christmas menu can surprise your customers and make you innovative and competitive with respect to the competition. Are you also looking for ideas to attract customers at Christmas? Check out our five strategies for capturing customers' attention this holiday season .
December 07, 2023