With the incredible increase in temperatures, July becomes one of the months of the year when it is more difficult to maintain concentration in the office without having your mind already on vacation. For this reason, the lunch break must become a break from working life and in the summer also from the heat. Varying the offer proposed and creating fresh and original recipes is an excellent way to take care of customers who have not yet gone on vacation. We offer you some variations of salad or cold pasta for a special summer lunch, because varying the offer and diversifying it according to the season is the first step to always having satisfied customers.
Fresh first courses
In order not to give up the pleasure of pasta or rice, cold dishes are eaten more willingly in the summer. So add to your summer lunch menu the ideal solutions to face the heat with a fork in hand and pay close attention to the presentation of the dish. In fact, a simple cold rice, if served in a certain way, acquires refinement. Use a cylindrical pastry cutter to shape the previously cooked cold rice and spread a vegetable tartar over the rice. To give an extra touch, add some mint leaves in strips and a drizzle of oil. Even the eye wants its part, so don't neglect the details and let your imagination suggest you new ideas in the kitchen in the preparation of cold first courses.
For pasta lovers, offer a cold pasta with melon and crunchy ham. It's a very simple recipe, but one that will amaze your customers. Just brown the ham well to give it an irresistible fragrance. To cook pasta in just a few minutes, rely onPastaland , the pasta cooker that allows you to prepare single portions in just a few minutes. In this way you will be able to enjoy the cooking speed, without wasting a gram of pasta with the single-serving practices.
Tasteful sandwiches
During the lunch break it often happens to eat a quick sandwich. With the right combinations and new proposals you will be able to make the sandwich break more pleasant for workers in a hurry. And with Labruschetta you can toast bread and prepare soft, warm sandwiches in no time. In summer the desire for the sea is great, why not satisfy it at the table with an octopus sandwich, seasoned salad and sesame seeds. For salmon lovers, create the rustic version of the classic combination of salmon and avocado. Present the two ingredients on well-toasted Tuscan or cereal bread. To give contrast to the crunchiness, spread a fresh and soft cheese on the bread.
Who said sandwiches are made only with bread? Try offering your customers the aubergine sandwich, in which two slices of aubergine enclose the tomato and mozzarella. A perfect dish for the summer because it offers seasonal vegetables, this vegetarian sandwich can also be proposed as a delicious appetizer or as a side dish.
We are already fruitful
Summer offers an incredible variety of fruit which, in addition to being eaten individually or in tasty fruit salads, can be a decisive element for the taste of a second course. There are many combinations of meat and fruit, some of which lend themselves more to the summer to enrich your summer lunch menu. Like the salmon and mango tartare, a fresh and fragrant recipe that can also be served in other ways. Instead of salmon you could use sea bass and peaches or melon instead of mango. Remaining on fish main courses, you could also include a fresh and inviting tuna salad with fennel and sliced ​​orange wedges on the menu. For meat lovers, however, offer customers cold roast pork with mint and lime sauce.
To prepare an original summer menu you don't need too many ingredients, but fantasy and freshness certainly cannot be missing. What are your special recipes to face the heat?