Creating a quick and light lunch menu is simple with Combi Wave because it allows you to cook, heat, defrost, toast, grill, fry without oil and boil any food in just a few minutes.

Combi Wave is the new Techfood proposal dedicated both to large catering, collective catering and large fast food restaurants, as well as to breweries, restaurants and bistros. An innovative oven with an integrated turbo-ventilation, infrared and microwave system. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, Combi Wave quickly offers a varied menu to a large audience.

For sandwich fans

The sandwich is an excellent solution for a quick lunch and if enriched with original and tasty ingredients, it can also become an inviting dinner. In the sandwich menu card you could add delicate proposals such as salmon and avocado toast, or more daring ones such as the sandwich with Roman bacon, balsamic vinegar, red onion and peppers. Whether they are sandwiches for more or less difficult palates, Combi Wave will help you make the result unique, giving the ideal crunchiness to each dish.

For the daredevils of fried food

Thanks to the innovative oil-free frying method, Combi Wave allows you to prepare light and easy-to-digest fried food without affecting the consistency of the food. If you want to add fried fish or vegetables as a quick and light lunch to your menu, Combi Wave is the right machine for you. Your customers will be amazed.

For lovers of first courses

For a varied menu it is good to change the offer of first courses often. Imagine being one of your regular customers who spends their lunch breaks in your restaurant. Eating the same proposal every day is not exciting, especially if you think about how creative cooking can be. Offer dishes that are not too sophisticated, but not too simple either. The trick is to add an extra flavor to the classic first course. For example, all you need is some crispy bacon to make pasta with pesto even tastier.

For seconds lovers

Combi Wave is an oven capable of grilling meat and fish to perfection. For a quick and light lunch menu you could propose a grilled sea bass or sea bass, accompanied by carrots and green beans always boiled with Combi Wave. For those who prefer meat, tasty chicken skewers with aromatic herbs and grilled zucchini.

For brunch enthusiasts

Combi Wave offers not only savory dishes, but also sweet dishes such as cakes and croissants. In recent years the trend of merging breakfast and lunch together has become depopulated, so much so that almost all suitable places now offer the possibility of having brunch. With Combi Wave you can quickly prepare everything you need for a five-star brunch, from toasted bread for the famous French toast to well-cooked and crunchy bacon.

For a quick and light lunch menu, rely on the multifunctionality of Combi Wave, the new and innovative machine by Techfood.