August is the most popular month for Italian holidays, according to some research the sea remains the preferred destination, but the number of tourists is growing in high-altitude areas and tourist cities. The recovery of the tourism sector after years of sacrifices has a direct effect on holiday structures and related professions, such as ice cream makers, cooks, waiters, bartenders and restaurateurs. Tourist resorts experience the moment of the high season intensely, for this reason the locals must carefully think about the offer for customers on vacation. Our suggestions for a perfect summer menu for any occasion.

Sea scent of the sea

When we think of seafood dishes to be included in the summer menu, fish-based first and second courses come first. Also add first courses with an original taste under the heading "Spaghetti allo scoglio", trying to change the special recipes frequently. For example, you could try the calamarata with swordfish ragout with fresh flavored cherry tomatoes, a first course with a Mediterranean taste that is easy to prepare thanks to Pastaland , a Techfood machine that allows you to cook single portions of pasta in a short time.

A good solution to include in the menu are also the tastings for walking. Given the seaside location, we suggest you offer your customers a typical English street food: fish and chips. Ideal for a tasty walk, with Combi Wave you can prepare a light fried without oil that will amaze even the most skeptics. Add to the summer menu also take-away cones with fried squid or schie, small prawns typical of the Venetian lagoon or the Po delta.

Ice cream cannot be missing at the seaside, but why not offer it for a fresh aperitif? With Ice n Roll you can prepare flavors of all kinds, from fruit to alcoholic ice cream with a mojito or spritz flavour. Ideal for an original aperitif against the summer heat.

Up there in the mountains

Mountain tourists are usually very active people who choose a high-altitude location to take long walks and discover the unspoiled nature of the woods. For this reason, mountain tourist places should always offer a substantial breakfast, to face the uphill walks with energy. Also in this case Combi Wave is the perfect ally for preparing any type of breakfast, from the classic Italian one with hot brioche to the continental one with frankfurters, bacon, eggs and toasted bread. Many tourists leave in the morning and return in the late afternoon, so offer them the opportunity to bring sandwiches and sandwiches prepared by you.

Upon returning from a walk, the desire to eat something tasty grows. Add hot crêpes and waffles to your menu to eat either after a long hike or when the evenings in the mountains are cool and crisp. With Rondò Unika it takes just a few seconds to prepare numerous dishes, thanks to the quickly interchangeable plates.

Flight over my city

The cities of art are very popular with foreign tourists, especially in the summer months. Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, offering a varied and differentiated proposal is essential to satisfy the tastes of customers from other countries. Abroad, for example, vegetarian and vegan options are more frequent, so think about including blood-free tasty alternatives in your summer menu.

Visiting a city means walking through its streets, streets and squares. A place able to offer street food has much more potential. For a sweet break, prepare sweet or savory churros and the irresistible choco kebab .

Summer is one of the moments in which our country lives thanks to tourism, taking advantage of it is a strategic solution especially for the locals who are in the holiday resorts. It allows you to increase your earnings by paying attention to small but important details.