For many Italians, Ferragosto remains the most important day of the summer. Do you think that this holiday was already known by the ancient Romans but only at the beginning of the twentieth century did it spread to the popular classes. In fact, mid-August was established by the emperor Augustus to celebrate the end of the harvest and agricultural work. For a party that is still so important today for so many families, it is necessary to organize the decorations of the venue and the menu down to the smallest detail and with the utmost care.
The weather forecast for this year calls for rains and overcast skies in most of Italy, which is why many may prefer city destinations or well-equipped clubs instead of a barbecue on the beach. If your place is in the city, it will be essential to recreate a holiday atmosphere, fresh and fun. Let your imagination inspire you: look for old postcards to use as place cards and to decorate the table, arrange small cardboard suitcases in the corners of the room, distribute fans for the hottest customers, and offer a colorful and refreshing aperitif. Or choose a theme and organize a real party.
The recipes must be rigorously coloured: from appetizers to desserts, the many seasonal vegetables will be the protagonists. We recommend starting with crêpes stuffed with cheese and zucchini, an omelette with chives or the timeless bruschetta with cherry tomatoes. As first courses you could offer linguine with scampi prepared with Pastaland suitable for fresh pasta, cold pasta seasoned with lemon, mint and zucchini or a Mediterranean couscous with scampi and lemon zest. The second could be vegetarian with tofu and vegetable skewers; classic with baked stuffed tomatoes; traditional with grilled meat or kebab. Combi Twist Plus is certainly the best help for preparing fried or grilled vegetables in just three minutes to accompany your main courses. To finish off the meal you cannot forget a light dessert suitable for the hot climate. Our advice is: a sweet crêpes with fresh fruit, lemon ice cream or a churro topped with fruit salad.
You will have to be good at creating a convivial atmosphere to immerse your customers in a "city break" environment. For this reason, music can also be fundamental: get yourself one or two compilations of suitable music with great classics such as a thousand blue bubbles or Tintarella di Luna by the talented Mina or Un gelato al limon by Paolo Conte.
Last but not least: remember to warn your customers well in advance about the opening on August 15th. As? For example, you could create an event on the restaurant's Facebook page, distributing postcards in the previous weeks or with a simple but effective sign at the cashier indicating the menu and the theme of the party.
August 11, 2015