Christmas is the right occasion to give space to creativity, proposing imaginative themed dishes. Here are some tips to make your offer unique with a Christmas menu for venues of all kinds.

One of the secrets to making your dishes special is to present the most popular dishes of the holidays in an original way, overturning the rules of traditional cuisine. As in the case of the cappelletti burger, a sandwich with a decidedly classic flavour. The hamburger is created with the same ingredients as the cappelletti filling, for an original reinterpretation of the typical Christmas menu for places that prepare sandwiches or hamburgers.

If your place lends itself more to brunch, study delicious Christmas variations to the dishes you offer. One of the main protagonists on the tables of this meal is French toast , slices of toasted bread served hot. To make it Christmas, all you need is to cut out the bread in the shape of a star or fir tree.

The brunch consists of the fusion between breakfast and lunch, also making room for herbal teas in full Christmas mood. You may offer a special selection of cinnamon, rosehip, ginger, honey and orange infusions and teas. For a perfect brunch we recommend Combi Twist Plus , our infrared oven for cooking food and frying without oil. Combi Twist Plus is capable of cooking a kaleidoscopic variety of dishes, from croissants to fries.

Against the cold you could add among your proposals a non-alcoholic version of the legendary bombardino based on cream, hot zabaglione and coffee. An energy bomb. Don't forget to always have a supply of steaming hot chocolate ready to serve with a dollop of cream, it's the best way to pamper yourself during the holidays.

Above all, Christmas means conviviality because during the holidays people get together to be together. You could therefore think of organizing Christmas aperitifs , with cocktails and appetizers designed for the occasion.

For a cheerful toast, we recommend two sparkling drinks. The first is the Kir Royal, a luxurious version of the normal Kir prepared with sparkling wine and crème de cassis, a red, sweet liqueur made from blackcurrants. The second option we point out is the Heidi cocktail, made with rosé wine, gin, apple juice, absinthe and marjoram. For lovers of long drinks, the Lychee Mojito could be a curious Christmas variation. Prepared with juicy and sweet Chinese fruits, this mojito is much creamier and more enveloping.

At Christmas we are all better, so are desserts. Then prepare some very tasty alternatives in full Christmas style. Green light to the imagination with ice creams flavored with cinnamon, chilli pepper, dried and candied fruit.

If among the delights you offer are crepes, think of some special versions to be included in the Christmas menu for establishments that follow traditions. For example, honey crepes with walnuts and candied oranges, or chocolate with ginger.

For the waffles we recommend spreading a vanilla glaze over the waffle, adding sprinkles and sugar balls, which joyfully color the cake.

Remember that Christmas is an excellent opportunity to make your menu original by adapting it according to the venue and proposing a special offer capable of seducing customers.