Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March, an international day established to commemorate women's achievements in the social, political and economic fields.

Women's Day can prove to be a special occasion to do marketing thinking primarily of the fairer sex. Organizing an evening or thinking of an original menu dedicated to women are some of the ideas for pink marketing.

Special flavours

In Italy it is tradition to give women a bouquet of mimosas, a plant that blooms in the first days of March and a symbol of this important day. One of the typical desserts to celebrate this feast is the mimosa cake, which takes its name from the flower due to its characteristic sponge cake covering.

For an original Women's Day menu you could propose a reinterpretation of the cake, such as mimosa-flavored ice cream for example. An ice cream based on mascarpone cream with flakes of white chocolate and pineapple. If you prefer to stick to the classics, you could prepare a mimosa sundae, with cream and vanilla ice cream decorated with crumbs of soft sponge cake.

If your place doesn't offer ice cream, but crepes, the ideal solution is crepes with lemon cream and caramel. The color that characterizes them is always yellow and the scent is both delicate and fruity, just like mimosas. With our Rondò Unika you can indulge yourself by preparing lemon cream crepes or waffles.

For restaurants and clubs that offer lunch and dinner services, on the other hand, we propose paying homage to women with two delicious first courses . The first is the mimosa risotto, whose main ingredient is the hard-boiled yellow egg yolk, crumbled and accompanied by the green of the asparagus. As a second proposal, the mimosa tagliatelle prepared with fresh egg pasta and spinach and seasoned with a sauce of cod meatballs, parmesan and saffron.

Themed menus

In view of March 8, a themed Women's Day menu can be a winning idea to make the day special. With the help of Combi Wave , the revolutionary combi oven, you can prepare different dishes in just a few minutes. To have a menu dedicated to this celebration, a pinch of imagination will suffice. For example, you could rename some dishes with the names of important female characters. The Marie Curie dish, with all the yellow dishes that recall the great passion for radioactivity of the first female scientist in history. Or the Evita Peron menu, with typical Argentinian dishes, from churrasco to dulce de leche.

To your special Women's Day menu with dishes inspired by women in history you could also add the one dedicated to Joan of Arc with grilled meat or Calamity Jane, the first female gunslinger of the Wild West. In this case we recommend typical country dishes such as chili con carne and stewed red bean soup. Instead, to commemorate the iron Margaret Thatcher, a dish based on spinach and amaranth.

These are just a few ideas for turning International Women's Day into an opportunity to do pink marketing in an original and studied way according to your business. Do you have other ideas to personalize the offer for March 8th? Let us know by commenting on the article.