With the arrival of summer, the consumption of ice cream in Italy is growing again and the latest trend is vegan ice cream. According to some data collected at the latest edition of Sigep, 2016 is the year of the vegan friendly, a sign of how slowly dietary needs are changing. In view of the growing demand for veg ice cream, we asked Simone Agosta, Techfood chef, how to surprise even vegan palates with some cruelty-free Ice n Roll recipes.

Let's immediately remove the doubt, is Ice n Roll ice cream vegan?

Yes, one of the two Ice n Roll preparations does not contain any food of animal origin. There are two types of powder preparation: one made from milk, while the other based on fruit. The latter can be used to propose a diversified Ice n Roll offer for vegan or lactose intolerant customers.

What do you recommend preparing with Ice n Roll for the veg proposal?

One piece of advice I can give is to create new flavors from centrifuged juices. The machine that freezes ice cream is very versatile and allows you to experiment with new flavors and combinations, even from foods that are not directly related to ice cream. In this way, you can prepare centrifuged rolls with carrot, the main source of vitamin A for those who follow a veg diet, or with ginger and cucumber, a recipe with a fresh flavor both for vegans and for those who want to purify the body.

Furthermore, let's not forget that the base is flavored before freezing. Therefore it is possible to create both cold and hot herbal teas with medicinal and wild herbs. To face the summer heat, a peppermint Ice n Roll is what you need.

What would you add to Ice n Roll vegan ice cream to make it even more unique?

Definitely elements that help to give a third dimension to taste. What the British call crunch , foods that have a different texture. When a person eats ice cream, they expect it to be fresh and have a certain flavor based on the flavor they have chosen, but they don't expect to eat something that crunches. To give another dimension to vegan ice cream I would suggest adding brown sugar, the sensation is the same as when you drink a  good mojito, or create a gazpacho taste with tomato and small pieces of basil. It makes the taste more full-bodied and Ice n Roll even more fun.

Proposing a varied and differentiated offer with an eye also for vegan customers is extremely useful for satisfying one's public and expanding it to the fullest. With Ice n Roll it is quick and easy to cream ice cream and there is no shortage of cruelty-free recipes. The basis of a good Ice n Roll ice cream is imagination and creativity, we look forward to your vegan recipes.