The end of the year is approaching, and with it the preparations for the New Year's menu. A special occasion to enhance the offer, increasing the chances of being chosen by customers looking for a place to celebrate the start of the new year.

Appetizers and starters to eat with your eyes

Important lunches and dinners must start with delicious appetizers. From the traditional scallops au gratin to the ever-present cheese baskets, there are many recipes for a light and tasty appetizer. Such as, for example, piadina rolls cut and stuffed with salmon, goat cheese and rocket. You could also add an omelette to be prepared with Rondò Unika to the sushi tasting menu. Spread the beaten eggs on the concentric plate. When the dough is ready and soft, add some zucchini strips and roll it all up on itself. Once you have cut the portions for tasting, you can use toothpicks to keep the rolled shape of the omelette.
The appetizers must not be too heavy, otherwise the other courses risk being unpleasant or even not appreciated due to the feeling of satiety. Measure the portions well, avoiding excesses that could turn out to be boomerangs.

New Year's menu: first courses

As anticipated, the appetizers must leave room for the large courses of the New Year's menu: the first courses. Their presence is essential for Italian cuisine. The classic tagliatelle with seafood or ragù cannot be missing, the fastest variant in cooking lasagna. Stuffed cannelloni or crepes are also often prepared. The latter are usually served with mushrooms, but to make your menu unique you can propose variations with salmon or cardoons, sausage and goat cheese sauce, a recipe proposed by the starred chef Bruno Barbieri.
To help you prepare the savory crepes Rondò Unika, which allows you to cook a crepe with perfect thickness and shapes in a short time. To make your dish a work of art, if the recipe allows it, roll the crepes on themselves to form roses with the dough. The result will be an elegant dish to serve.

Second courses and gourmet side dishes in no time

There is no New Year's menu without a roast. To embellish the dishes, we recommend preparing some special sauces, for example mint or citrus. They will make the meat fragrant and tastier. Don't forget to accompany the main courses with tasty side dishes. In fact, the emphasis is often placed on cooking meat or fish to diminish the yield of vegetables. Preparing a colorful and light ratatouille with carrots, courgettes and potatoes cut into puff pastry is a process that takes a few minutes, but which is surprising to the eye. With Combi Wave you can even speed up times and cook a large portion of mixed vegetables in just 70 seconds. You can also heat the previously cooked lentils in a matter of seconds, offering them to your customers accompanied by best wishes for the new year.

Sweet Temptations

Despite being last on the New Year's menu, desserts are always eagerly awaited by those with a sweet tooth. If you have some pandoro left over from the Christmas holidays, you might think of preparing small portions of tiramisu by replacing the typical biscuits of the recipe with layers of pandoro. To vary the menu, also include sweet solutions to be prepared with Rondò Unika, such as waffles to be served hot with vanilla cream or eggnog, or very sweet donuts with Christmas red colored icing with green and white sprinkles.
To amaze customers with an innovative New Year's menu, it takes very little, a variation on the classic recipes and the surprise is guaranteed. In this way, the possibilities for people to want to have a festive lunch or dinner in your establishment increase. A strategic move that expands the offer, increases revenues and promotes a good reputation. For help preparing innovative and surprising menus, discover the innumerable potential of Techfood machines , designed for a successful establishment.
December 22, 2016