February 14 is the day dedicated to love, an anniversary that can become a clever sales opportunity if you study marketing strategies and Valentine's menu ideas. Depending on its offer, each place can offer special dishes for lovers and not. Last year we suggested five ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day in your restaurant. From a candlelit dinner to a contest on Facebook, find ideas by reading our blog article . This year we want to offer you a Valentine's menu designed especially for each place.

Valentine's Day menu ideas: Gelaterias

February is still the low season for ice cream shops that offer only cold products. To encourage purchases by taking advantage of the event dedicated to love, create a promotion dedicated to couples. The classic 2x1 thus becomes Two hearts and a cup with cream , an exclusive discount for lovers.
If, on the other hand, your ice cream parlor also offers hot desserts such as waffles, transform the dish into a riot of hearts for a second course. It's very simple and doesn't take time: prepare the hot waffles with Rondò Unika and, freshly taken out of the oven, cut them into a heart shape using a metal cutter, which will make it easier to cut the dough. Serve decorating with hearts of strawberry or chocolate topping, and voilà you will have Piece of my Heart , one of the sweet Valentine's Day menu ideas.

Bars and day clubs

Who said you can't celebrate Valentine's Day with just one coffee? Even places where the service is fast like bars can take advantage of this opportunity to pamper their customers and offer them a special menu. Like the Heart Shaped Box , the Valentine's take-away breakfast designed to be taken home: two coffees with two brioches of your choice in a package also containing themed napkins and a fresh flower. With a small investment, you will have an exclusive take away service, tailor-made for lovebirds who want to spend their Valentine's Day together from the first light of day.


Restaurants are the places that can best expand the offer with Valentine's Day menu ideas. In addition to classic aphrodisiac foods like chili peppers, oysters and chocolate, there are other ingredients to add to the list for the February 14th menu. For example almonds and avocado, but more simply strawberries, figs and ginger. The advice we give you is to take advantage of these foods to prepare special creative dishes, such as salmon fillet with green pepper with lime and ginger with an original taste and easy to prepare thanks to the Combi Wave multifunction oven.

Cocktails and lounge bars

On Valentine's Day bubbles at will. Champagne is the classic sparkling wine used to celebrate Valentine's Day, but you can make it even more special by adding pomegranate juice or kumquat. Also offer a toast with Kir Royal or French 75, both very delicate and fruity bubbly drinks. For lovers of more decisive tastes, we offer Heart of Glass , a cocktail with red Vermouth, orange juice, sweet Martini and cane sugar. All served in a frozen glass and decorated with candied cherries.
To make the Valentine's cocktail even more special, we offer you a drink with lemon, pepper, Sherry and red Vermouth in an ice cream version to be prepared with Ice n Roll . The sinuous shape of the rolled ice cream will seduce every palate.

And after Valentine's Day?

After Valentine's Day comes San Faustino, the day of singles. In this regard, in the wake of the previous day, you can take advantage of the February 15th anniversary to organize a special aperitif for those who don't have love yet or don't want to find it. Offer some simple games such as the speed date area or the possibility of using labels to introduce yourself to others by indicating your name or nickname. And to break the ice, pounded cocktails at reduced prices.
From sweet to savory through to coffee, each establishment can personalize its offer even on the occasion of Valentine's Day. These are some of the Valentine's Day menu ideas, what are yours? Write it in the comments.