The aperitif menu is now a consolidated habit in almost all establishments that offer a buffet during happy hour. Creating an interesting and original proposal allows your business to differentiate you from other bars in terms of quality and ingenuity. For this reason we have decided to recommend some simple ideas to make your aperitif menu rich and delicious, capable of conquering every palate.

Aperitif menu: not just appetizers

Apericena is the term that has been depopulating the world of fast food for years and which derives from the fusion of two distinct moments: the aperitif and dinner. What characterizes it are the small portions of the courses that cover the entire offer of a menu, from the savory appetizer to the dessert. Not only appetizers therefore, but also first and second courses offered in different forms from the classic single dish.
With the arrival of summer, we advise you to focus on fresh, but at the same time very tasty dishes. For example, the cold roasted tomato soup enhanced with burrata. An Italian version of the Spanish gazpacho, to be served with fresh basil leaves for a refreshing and original dish. To serve it, equip yourself with small single-portion cups that will make it easier for customers to enjoy the soup.
Not just single portions, to save on plates and bowls, use a large tray from which customers can take their favorite quantity. This will reduce your production and service costs. Among the summer proposals of your aperitif menu you could include a tasty spelled salad with grilled vegetables, a dish that is easy to prepare especially with Combi Wave , the multifunction oven that allows you to cook any vegetable in less than 2 minutes.
Even the main courses can be transformed into finger food for an original and convenient aperitif menu for your customers to consume. Simple to make, but incredibly appealing are avocado and bacon snacks. All you need to do is cut the avocado into slices to wrap in bacon and cook everything in the oven for a few minutes. The result is an inexpensive recipe, but well balanced thanks to the softness of the avocado that goes well with the crunchiness of the bacon.
Avocado is one of the most popular fruits of the moment, which is why it cannot be missing from the aperitif menu of a place that wants to aim for success. For fish lovers, suggest a good salad of prawns, yellow cherry tomatoes and avocado: perfect for the summer and ideal to serve with lemon slices to prevent the avocado from darkening in a short time.

Aperitif menu: we are fruity

Fruit cannot be missing from the aperitif menu, especially in summer . Prepare a good exotic fruit salad with peaches, pineapple, mango, papaya and blueberries. An end to meal that will surely be appreciated during the happy hours of the hottest evenings. To embellish your fresh offer, also offer ice cream. With Ice n Roll you can create any type of flavor instantly, reducing production costs and offering an ice cream with the right consistency at any aperitif time.
With the warm season, the desire to spend evenings outdoors grows, which is why using the happy hour moment to increase revenues and customer loyalty is a successful strategy. With a few precautions it is quick and easy to prepare an original and different aperitif menu. What are your aces up your sleeve for an aperitif? Write it in the comments.