Today we offer you an editorial by Angelo Iori , owner of Techfood. Angelo will tell us how to build a varied breakfast menu at low prices, considering the preferences, not only of Italians, but also of Europeans accustomed to a continental breakfast.
Lifestyles and consumption styles change continuously and, often, the emotional drive that determines these changes depends on the mobility and experiences we have in Italy and abroad in the course of our lives.
Traveling and visiting other countries, we are influenced by cultures and tastes that are different from ours, which involve us to the point of changing our eating habits even when we are in our own country.
I myself, returning from my travels abroad visiting relatives, have changed my way of drinking, getting used, not without difficulty, to the typical coffee of Central European culture percolated, or infused in water, and kept warm.
We all know how important Italian espresso coffee is in our culture and how important it is for the performance of our establishments. We must prepare for the change in tastes and not fall behind.
For this reason, in Techfood we have seized upon the philosophy of the continental breakfast, and decided to complete the food offer combined with any type of coffee.
So that you can offer your customers, in addition to the classic Italian breakfast, a series of products suitable for different palates: crepes, waffles, churros and many more thanks to a single multifunction machine .
These foods have characteristics such that preparing a menu of this type for foreign customers in a hotel or inn becomes almost impossible, if not in the face of very high costs.
The pilot example that for us marked the turning point in the field of made in the USA breakfast was, and still is, the supply of one of our pancake mixes to Heinz Beck , Michelin-starred chef at the Cavalieri Hilton in Rome, for customers hotel american.
Thanks to Unika , a machine designed by Techfood, it is possible to create a varied breakfast menu in any room or kitchen of any hotel or bar.
In fact, the machine can produce - by programming their cooking - Waffles or Gauffres, Churros, Crepes or Pancakes, Waffles, in the shape of a cone or basket, and, finally, the classic American Donuts.
The replacement of the plates is instantaneous, moreover the product can be prepared 2 or 3 hours before the sale in order to always have ready-made foods available and to entice them to buy.
Each of these products has its own recipe based on a freeze-dried preparation to which only water is added, and in some cases a small amount of oil.
The table below shows the ingredients required for each product, preparation times and storage times.

room temperature in the fridge
Crepes 1 kg of preparation + 2 liters of water 30'' 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years
Waffle 1 kg of preparation + 1 liter of water 30'' 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years
churros 1 kg of preparation + 1 liter of water + 0.2 of sunflower oil 15'' 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years
Piadinas 1 kg of preparation + 0.45 l of water + 0.1 l of sunflower oil 20'' 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years
Donuts 1 kg of preparation + 0.4 liters of water + 0.1 liters of sunflower oil 20" 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years
Cone pods 1 kg of preparation + 0.7 l of water 25" 6 hours 24/48 hours 1 years

This table shows the extreme flexibility of the project, the ease of use and the convenience of producing directly with the advantage of always having a ready-to-cook or cooked quantity of product available, even for instant preparations.
Unika is a particularly compact machine, it can also be used in the tasting area as it is equipped with Teflon-coated plates that enhance not only the smoke-free live production for a light fat-free breakfast, but also the inviting aroma typical of grandmother's pastry.

At this link you can find more information about Unika , or you can call the toll-free number 800-014405.

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