Today, thanks to an interview with Angelo Iori , we present the churro : an appetizing idea of ​​street food, sweet or savoury, for this hot summer.
 What is churro and how is it cooked?
The churro was born in Spain, and is a stick fried in oil in the shape of a large bread stick; it is 20 cm long and 3 cm in diameter, with a cross section in the shape of a hexagonal star.
What is its story?
Its shape is inspired by the horns of a famous Spanish sheep called churro. It is a typically winter product which is offered, in Spain and Latin America, in combination with the classic hot chocolate and is the typical product to be sold by impulse in village fairs and open-air events.
An idea of ​​street food for the summer?
Techfood launched this idea in the night entertainment market in Naples, combining it, as a street alternative, with the "graffe", the typical fried donuts of the most famous Neapolitan graffatti.
The peculiarity of our churro is that it is fried without oil and that 1 or 2 portions can be produced at a time in just two minutes.
Can it be stored before sale?
We have produced a made-to-measure display case, where they can be kept warm for up to 2 hours from production, in this way the right appetizing is also created for the people who stop by to taste this delicacy.
Why isn't it fried?
Together with the machine we have patented an exclusive recipe: adding a small quantity of oil to the dough prevents frying and therefore the smell and consumption of oil. Our system consists of a preparation that is cooked directly on a Teflon-coated plate at the right temperature under the tip of the smoke.
Using the neutral base then, with a light salty connotation as befits the famous shortcrust pastry, it can be declined towards the salty with the addition of paprika served as an aperitif, happy hour for the sale of cocktails and drinks and with the typical combination of cold cuts and cheeses.
How is it prepared?
In seconds. A kilo of preparation to which water and extra virgin olive oil must be added makes it possible to produce 18/20 portions equal to 4/5 breadsticks each. Mix lightly with a whisk provided and keep in the fridge for 2/3 days.
How is it preserved and for how long?
The bags in aluminum envelopes of ready-to-use preparation can be kept at room temperature and have a shelf life of 1 year.
How much is a serving of churros?
Only 1 euro per portion: 10 portions a day are enough without the earnings of drinks to pay for the machine in less than 10 monthly installments.
While stocks last, it is possible for only 990 euros + VAT to start preparing churros in your restaurant. Contact us on our toll free number 800 014 405.