The A' Villetta pizzeria is a young but very successful place located in the splendid town of Gioiosa Ionica, in Calabria. We had the pleasure of interviewing its owner, Mr Giuseppe Mazzaferro, to discover the history of this pizzeria and its relationship with Techfood.

A' Villetta pizzeria

1. What is the history of the A' Villetta pizzeria?

Giuseppe Mazzaferro: The A' Villetta pizzeria opened its doors three years ago, in 2020. I have worked in the restaurant sector for a long time, and after years of experience working as a pizza chef in other restaurants. It's a profession that I love deeply, and I've always dreamed of having my own pizzeria. I believe that the desire to be independent is a dream that drives many of us. I felt it was time to take the step and put into practice my vision of a place where I could express my culinary creativity and offer a true Italian experience to my customers.

2. What is the secret to the success of your restaurant?

Giuseppe Mazzaferro: The secret of the success of the pizzeria, but also the sandwich shop and creperie, lies in having a varied offer for every time and moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner. We are open to meet the needs of our customers at any time, offering a diversified menu that ranges from classic Italian pizzas to new culinary trends such as delicious Bubble Sticks . Our flexibility allows us to welcome customers of all ages and offer a complete dining experience, making our venue an ideal place for any occasion. I can add that the central location makes our work easier. Today it is not easy to have a place that is always full but we are managing well for the moment.

bubble stick techfood

3. Three adjectives to describe your place.

Giuseppe Mazzaferro: If I had to choose three adjectives, I would say that our pizzeria is young, dynamic and warm. We are young entrepreneurs with a passion for pizza and Italian cuisine, and we strive to bring new energy to the sector. Our environment is dynamic, with a menu that continually evolves to suit the tastes of our customers. And above all, we care deeply about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who walks through our doors.

4. How did you find out about Techfood?

Giuseppe Mazzaferro: I met Techfood while I was looking for innovative solutions to improve our service and reach a wider audience, in particular I was thinking of enriching our offer with a crêpes machine. Technology has become an essential element in running a successful venue, and I wanted to ensure we took full advantage of it to improve our efficiency and customer experience.

5. What Techfood equipment do you use in your pizzeria?

Giuseppe Mazzaferro: Currently, we have two Techfood machines in our pizzeria. The first is the creperie, which allows us to prepare delicious sweet and savory crepes as dessert for our customers. The second is the "Bubble Stick," a delicious and delicious new food trend that arouses curiosity. Although less known and consumed than crepes, it has a very low food cost and makes our offer fun and innovative.

Giuseppe Mazzaferro, a man of few words and concrete, has transformed his passion for pizza into a successful place that offers a complete culinary experience. Thanks to a varied offer and its dedication, the A' Villetta pizzeria and sandwich shop continues to grow and win the hearts of customers. If you are in Calabria, don't miss the opportunity to visit this place and taste authentic Italian cuisine.