At the beating heart of every company there is an essential and indispensable figure for operational success: the after-sales assistance officer .

Characterized by technical mastery and tireless soul, he plays a crucial role in ensuring that the machinery works like a well-tuned orchestra ensuring smooth production . Here in Techfood he has a name: Carlo Catellani.

Great lover of mechanics and new challenges, he is ready to face any technical problem that comes his way. His work is the result of a long experience and a constant commitment to stay up to date on the latest technological innovations.

We asked Carlo a few questions. Here's how he answered us.

How many years have you worked at Techfood and how did your journey in the company begin?

I've been working at Techfood since 2019. I initially joined as an editor, taking advantage of a vacant role. Over time I was able to show my experience and enthusiasm and, when a position in after-sales assistance became available in 2020, I started to fill this role. However, I am always available to help colleagues and support needs in other sectors, such as in the Production sector.

What do you remember about your first day on the job?

It was immediately pleasant and interesting. I came from experiences in multinationals and large companies where there was a decidedly different atmosphere. Here, on the other hand, I immediately found a familiar and welcoming dimension that made me feel at ease from day one.

What do you do? And what aspect of your role makes you happiest?

I deal with after-sales assistance .

It always makes me happy to be able to fix a car that had stopped working. Doing it in record time is particularly important in this case: the customer rightly wants to get his equipment back in the shortest possible time, especially in times of great public influx.

Being able to give new life to a machine and make a customer happy is a great satisfaction.

What does Techfood mean to you?

Techfood means to me home And family , a place where people exchange ideas and grow together. Calling it a workplace would be limiting.

How important is it to collaborate within the company?

FUNDAMENTAL . If you collaborate, work becomes more pleasant and functional. It's something I firmly believe in and I just can't give up.

What is your favorite moment of the working day?

Can I say lunch break? :) I find it an important moment to settle relationships and talk with colleagues about personal matters and non-work interests. It's a time for sharing that makes the rest of the day better and more fluid.

What is your favorite Techfood product?

Combi Twist and now Combi Wave . It is a machine that really lends itself to many uses, much more than any other professional oven. I truly believe it is one of the best made products !

Best wishes for 30 years of Techfood.

I hope that Techfood can continue on the path of development and innovation it has pursued up to now. Not only that, I hope to continue doing it too together with the Iori family and the rest of the people with whom I share this adventure.

The next time you admire the precision of Techfood machines, remember who is behind them . Faced with technical challenges, Carlo transforms himself into an artist of genius, capable of devising creative and effective solutions. No problem is too big or too small for his brilliant mind, and every breakdown presents an opportunity for professional growth.

Thank you Carlo , we are really happy that you are one of us!

July 27, 2023