Located in the picturesque town of Fara San Martino, in the province of Chieti, Hansel & Gretel is much more than just a bar; It's a fascinating story come to life. This delightful property, strategically positioned in the heart of the community, has become a landmark for locals and visitors. The secret to his success? A constant commitment to selecting high quality ingredients.

At Hansel & Gretel you can find a variety of delicacies , from yogurt to coffee to Roman pinsa. All this offered in a warm and welcoming environment, where you feel treated more like friends than customers.

A journey from passion to business

Hansel & Gretel was born almost for fun. Giovanni and his partner do something completely different but they wanted to offer something unique in their small town. The challenge? Emerge and provide an answer to the question “ Why would anyone choose us?

Born as a yogurt shop, after doing some research, the owners quickly realized that traditional ice cream was seasonal and had limited appeal. So here comes the idea of ​​yogurt; their approach was simple, taking up the concept of ice cream with a product that is equally versatile but more easily adaptable to different palates and times of the year. Today they offer over 100 flavors and countless combinations of fillings, continuing to evolve by even introducing alcoholic options.
What distinguishes them is their commitment to preparing artisanal products, free of chemicals and, where possible, 0 km. They make their yoghurt following an artisanal recipe handed down for decades, ensuring that even the youngest customers can enjoy their proposals with a reduced lactose content. In short, no chemical preparations, but only passion and study of raw materials . The menu currently also includes numerous savory options such as burgers, hot dogs and baked chips.

The Introduction of the Roman pinsa and Techfood

With the aim of offering something different and satisfying diversified tastes, Hansel & Gretel introduced the Roman pinsa , a unique and much faster reinterpretation of pizza.
To optimize the cooking process and ensure consistency in the proposals, they thought of Techfood solutions, specifically the Combi Wave oven.

Three words to describe Hansel & Gretel

Warm, Rustic, and Welcoming. These three words summarize the essence of Hansel & Gretel. The warm, rustic ambience , combined with the welcoming staff, ensures that those who enter feel at home from the moment they cross the threshold. Hansel & Gretel is a place where you are treated like a special guest, not just a customer.

The discovery of Techfood

The first meeting with Techfood took place during a fair. The Combi Wave oven immediately captured the venue's team due to its performance and efficiency . Previously they used classic microwaves, but they were decidedly underperforming for a professional activity.
Despite initial doubts, the results in terms of time savings and quality have been so impressive that they now own three, and Giovanni tells us that he recommended the oven to a colleague who has also become a Techfood customer.

Techfood products and their impact

The Techfood Combi Wave oven was a real game-changer for Hansel & Gretel. It allowed them to efficiently prepare a variety of dishes, including Roman pinsa, aperitifs, quick meals and chips. In fact, the oven guarantees constant quality and rapid cooking times, with burgers and hot dogs ready in just 1-2 minutes and two pinsas in just 2.5 minutes, as well as first courses already prepared and frozen.

“It would have been difficult to serve french fries in the traditional way: with Combi Wave we have eliminated the problems of the fryer (waste of oil, lack of extractor hood, strong smells…). The chips we make now look like they're fried but they're baked.”

Bar customers often have little time and are in a hurry: Combi Wave allows you to optimize time without sacrificing quality.

The Secret to a Successful Venue?

A simple approach. Neither of the two owners comes from the restaurant world, but they have studied the market and tried to fill the gaps . They have created a different format from the usual ones that can attract families, friends who want a safe space to chat and kids. They offer everything, but they stand out for their special food offering compared to the other bars in the area. The products are strictly of high quality, and anyone who enters them knows they are in a bar but should not miss a restaurant.

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October 26, 2023
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