Takeaway dishes are increasingly a food choice for a quick lunch. This is why it is important to take care of the take away offer with original, good and easy to transport dishes. Discover the three recipes to expand the schiscetta menu.

Takeaway dishes: increasingly in demand

The habits of Italians have changed, according to the latest data, over 50% of the population said they opted for take away in the last six months. A constantly growing result, from which to take inspiration to offer an effective, convenient and fast take-away service.
Three key elements for an infallible take away service
According to the latest research carried out by Gfk Eurisko, the office is the place from which the most orders are placed with home delivery requests at least 3 times a month. This is why it is important for the earnings of a bar to study a suitable takeaway menu.

1) Spelled salad

Perfect for any season, spelled salad is one of the take-away dishes that cannot be missing from the take-away menu for the office. A rich and complete recipe, easy to season with any type of ingredient. From seasonal vegetables to meat, the versatility of this dish and its ease of transporting it smoothly makes it into the top 5 takeaway dishes.
Ease and speed in preparation can also be facilitated by Combi Wave, the professional combi oven by Techfood . You just need to follow these steps:
1) Select the recipe on Combi Wave
2) With the machine heated, place the product in the baking dish
3) Start the cooking cycle for 30 seconds
4) When cooked, stuff the spelled as you wish.
Quick lunch menu with Combi Wave: find out more

2) Club Sandwiches

Not the usual sandwich: propose the club sandwich to enrich and color the lunch break with taste. Given the traditionally large portions of the sandwich, come up with a strategic and effective formula for a 2x1. You could organize one day a week where the club sandwich for two is on sale.
Again, this dish is very versatile in preparation and choice of flavour. For a proposal of meat choose as ingredients:
  • canapé bread
  • iceberg lettuce and tomato
  • chicken and bacon.
While for a fish proposal you prefer:
  • canapé bread
  • iceberg lettuce
  • avocado and salmon.

3) Savory pie

The savory pie is a perfect dish for the office. Creative and easy to prepare: you can include a variety of savory pies a day among the fixed take-away dishes, to always diversify the offer and never tire your customers.
Here are some combinations of tastes from which to draw inspiration for your preparations:
  • broccoli and sausage
  • pumpkin, potatoes and rosemary
  • artichokes and ricotta
  • mushrooms and lentils
  • potatoes, onions and cheese

What if your restaurant focuses more on aperitifs and not just on take-away dishes for lunch? We have the right ideas for this too, discover the quick recipes for a winter aperitif .