Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States on Thursday 23 November, an anniversary from which to take inspiration for an original Thanksgiving Day menu with which to amaze your customers. This event, which typically falls on the fourth Thursday of November, originates from Christianity as a sign of gratitude for the year's harvest.
It is an end-of-autumn celebration, and as such it sees some of the seasonal products as protagonists at the table. Find out how to prepare a Thanksgiving Day menu in a short time and only with Combi Wave , the oven with infinite functions.

Thanksgiving Day Menu: Entrée and Appetizers

As mentioned earlier, Thanksgiving Day recipes are rich in late autumn products, first of all pumpkin. For appetizers, you can indulge yourself by cooking one of the most colorful and tasty ingredients of the season.
Perfect for egg and cheese flans, pumpkin is a versatile staple in the kitchen. For a traditional Thanksgiving Day menu prepare a pumpkin soup, to be enriched with ginger or rosemary. Don't serve it in large portions, this dish paves the way for the main course: roast turkey.

The main course: the turkey

Roasted turkey, but not stuffed, is a variant that speeds up the preparation and cooking processes, allowing a restaurant to speed up times by reducing customer waits. The immediate cooking of Combi Wave, the Techfood multifunction oven, also plays in your favor.
Combi Wave is the chefs favorite combi oven
In fact, it takes less than 3 minutes to cook a perfect roast turkey with Combi Wave. Here are the steps for preparation:
  • Select the recipe and press the knob selecting the start symbol
  • When the machine is ready, place the turkey in the pan protected by parchment paper
  • Close the door and start the cooking cycle by pressing the knob.
A quick and simple recipe that will make your menu special. Don't forget to combine the turkey with the inevitable blueberry sauce, which with its sour taste is ideal to combine with game. To prepare it you have to caramelize the blueberries with sugar and water until they start to fall apart.

Side dishes: to each his own

The second course of turkey is the main course of the Thanksgiving Day menu, for this reason it must be treated in every detail. The side dish, therefore, should not be underestimated. On the contrary, offer different variations according to the tastes of your customers.
You can prepare different proposals with potatoes. From the classic roast potatoes with rosemary to the original jacked potatoes . To cook the latter with Combi Wave, the steps to follow are:
  • Select the recipe and press the knob selecting the start symbol
  • When the machine is ready, place the product in the micro-perforated tray protected by parchment paper
  • Close the door and start the 45 second cooking cycle by pressing the knob.
Serve jacked potatoes with sour cream, or butter and parsley, or cheddar cheese to give a distinctive flavor to the dish.

Dulcis in fundo: the cakes

Known in American English as pie , pies are a must-have on the Thanksgiving menu.
The queen of the sweet course is certainly the Apple Pie , which we all remember thanks to Nonna Duck. An apple pie that convinces everyone with its simple taste. With Combi Wave it is possible to cook it in one minute, and it is perfect when served with ice cream, whipped cream and icing sugar.
For customers with a sweet tooth, however, offer a fruity cheesecake to be cooked in just 30 seconds with Combi Wave. Don't forget to garnish it with irresistible toppings and pieces of fresh fruit.

Original and creative, creating a different proposal from the usual inspired by the overseas tradition of Thanksgiving Day allows you to keep up with the times and create new sales opportunities. If you are interested in Combi Wave multi-properties, please contact us by email or phone
November 16, 2017