Halloween menu, what to prepare in a short time, increasing the chances of sales? October 31st is approaching, the day in which you can differentiate your offer with themed proposals to increase earnings and entertain your customers.

A scary Halloween menu

Halloween is a Celtic recurrence widespread above all in Anglo-Saxon countries which in recent years has also conquered Italy. There are more and more parties and themed products made on the occasion of this day. A bar that offers quick lunches or aperitifs can study a scary Halloween menu inspired by the recurring figures of this event. Ghosts, pumpkins and monsters will become the protagonists of the themed offer.
Offer finger food – literally – prepared with frankfurters in the shape of fingers. The preparation is simple and fast, but the result of great impact. Just cook the frankfurters, then hollow out the round end and cover it with a square of thin slices.
Then prepare a special sandwich: a monstrous burger . Prepare a classic hamburger bun, but cut the ends of the slice so that the monster's teeth come out. Stuff the sandwich with bacon too, to be rigorously rolled out of the bread as if it were a tongue. Then secure everything with two toothpicks and stuffed olives to form eyes. A perfect burger for the Halloween menu to be served with fries and spicy pumpkin sauce.
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Is your specialty pizza? Use strips of mozzarella spread on the dough to create the bandages of your mummy pizza and add olives, salami or frankfurters to make the eyes. A scary double mozzarella.

Trick or treat?

Tradition has it that on Halloween night, children go trick-or-treating from door to door. A custom from which to take inspiration to create new recipes to include in the Halloween menu.
We don't recommend putting salt instead of coffee sugar, but inverting these two ingredients in some preparations can transform the taste with incredible surprise. As in the case of savory baci di dama, a variant of Piedmontese sweets. To be prepared by inserting cheese into the dough and to be filled with cream, ideal for an aperitif buffet.
Salted caramel is one of the ingredients on the “Trick or Treat” Halloween menu. Use it to prepare a parfait spoon dessert with a savory note that balances the sweetness of the caramel.
For desserts, on the other hand, green light for monstrous decorations. From buttercream ghost cupcakes and bone-shaped meringues to pumpkin pancakes or skull pancakes.
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Drinks, cocktails and other magical potions

A bar or aperitif venue must not only study a Halloween menu for the buffet, but also for the cocktail menu. The art of mixability lends itself to this kind of themed preparations.
Use bright red or deep black ingredients like licorice vodka for a Black Mojito or blood orange juice for a Blood Margarita. Dry ice can be essential for a very scenographic creepy drink, serve colored mixtures in laboratory bricks for a Scientist's Cocktail.
Monstrous buffet and scary drinks, which of our proposals will you include in the Halloween menu? Write it to us in the comments.
October 19, 2017