Mid-August lunch is a joyful and convivial moment that many people choose to spend in a restaurant or club. Does your business remain open during the August 15 long weekend? Take the opportunity to transform this day of celebration into an opportunity to earn. To attract the public to your establishment, offer a fresh and colorful themed menu , perfect for celebrating.

Mid-August lunch: complete menu

Mid-August lunch must be colourful, tasty and tasty, without being too heavy. The heat and the desire to take a dip in the water if you are by the sea will be decisive elements in the choice of dishes. For this reason we advise you to immediately offer a tasty but light menu.
Let's start with the appetizers. Simple to prepare, bruschetta with aubergines are a snack with a decidedly summery flavour. With Combi Wave you can prepare them in less than a minute and the recipe is easy to make. For this delicious appetizer you will need bruschetta bread, cherry tomatoes, aubergines and basil.
The first cannot fail to be a fish dish. Add paccheri with octopus and cherry tomatoes to the mid-August lunch menu. A simple and genuine proposal, which is inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean sea. For vegetarians or non-fish lovers, recommend a rice-based paella with cherry tomatoes, black olives and peppers. A dish with a warm summer flavor, emphasized by paprika.
Peppers are also the protagonists of the second course that we offer you for mid-August lunch: stuffed with tuna, olives and the ever-present cherry tomatoes. Create a unique dough with these ingredients and then stuff the peppers with the filling. The secret to making them softer is to oil the inside of the peppers well. Accompany this dish with a fresh side dish of lamb's lettuce, capers and peaches.
Finally, we have come to the dessert: the ice cream ! Perfect with any combination, ice cream is loved by everyone at the end of a meal. Try to create new flavors with Ice n Roll , the instantly creamed ice cream that allows you to prepare new and original recipes. The combination we suggest is Ice n Roll with basil , served together with pieces of juicy watermelon. A digestive and refreshing dessert, perfect for mid-August after lunch.

Exotic and multi-coloured aperitifs

Not all places offer lunches and dinners, many bars for example offer an aperitif. A highly sought-after solution due to the low cost of preparing dishes, it is perfect for all those businesses that cannot create a complete menu for mid-August lunch. Green light for exotic flavors and colorful dishes , better if combined with a cocktail.
For a delicate summer aperitif, prepare zucchini and salmon rolls . An easy finger food recipe to make with zucchini, spreadable cheese and smoked salmon. After having cut lengthwise and grilled the courgettes, roll them together with the salmon and cheese. Secure the roll with a chive thread and serve with mint leaves.
Grilled courgettes in one minute with Combi Wave, find out more
The light and delicate taste of zucchini and prawn rolls goes well with a drink with exotic flavors. Pair the dish with a passion fruit cocktail . A drinkable and summery drink prepared with orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and passion fruit pulp. To be offered both in non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions with the addition of vodka.
The ideal menu for mid-August? Dishes with summer flavors, designed for both classic restaurant courses and finger food. Did you like our tips? If you want to discover other ideas for a perfect mid-August lunch , click here .
August 03, 2017