February, it's time for Carnival recipes : with family or friends, what matters is the desire to be together and have fun, young and old. Inventing creative menus, nice themed gifts and carnival decorations are all elements capable of attracting the attention of your customers; what better occasion to surprise them with special dishes designed especially for this party?
Here are some ideas for preparing a themed menu for your bar and impressing customers with quick and easy Carnival recipes . Don't forget to give your personal touch to the menu and the setting up of the place: the watchword is originality !

A delicious appetizer: fantasy of tramezzini

Anything goes at carnival time. So why not play a bit to make imaginative and alternative sandwiches? Give vent to your creativity by preparing sandwiches of the most disparate shapes. Play with combinations and different textures, use colorful foods such as avocado or beetroot to give a touch of color and joy to your snacks. Cut the bread using original molds , and slice the filling ingredients to create nice and colorful faces and shapes. You will entice young and old to enjoy a snack in your bar between a parade and a shooting star.

Colorful dumpling confetti

A great classic of Italian cuisine that is easy to make, gnocchi can be transformed into a truly creative first course, ideal for a Carnival menu. Just add a few colored ingredients to the dough: among the simplest ideas you can try spinach, tomato paste, saffron, but also pumpkin or beetroot. The final result: delicious multicolored dumplings to be savoured.
And if you want to bet on two different first courses, try doing the same with tagliatelle , which will look like lots of little streamers.

Churros, one of the tastiest Carnival recipes

A real delicacy not to be missed comes from Spain: churros . They resemble our Carnival fritters and are commonly associated with the festive atmosphere that reigns at certain times of the year. In fact, they are never lacking in amusement parks, squares and markets, as well as at Carnival.
Prepare them with El Churrito or Rondò Unika , sprinkle them with colored sprinkles and serve them with a cup of hot chocolate in which you can dip them. On the occasion of this party you can think of a special take away format, wrapping a portion of churros in a practical multicolored bag : pour a thin chocolate or caramel drip on top and decorate with a shower of Smarties, chopped hazelnuts or mixed pralines, for a moment of pure pleasure.

A rainbow of pancakes

Every occasion is a good one to prepare pancakes, a delicious snack to be enjoyed at any time of day. With the Cialderia Mini Pancake you will bake excellent pancakes to customize for the holidays; prepare more doughs and dye them in different colors, using natural food colors . Finally, create a turret of rainbow pancakes, and decorate it with a chocolate topping , bananas and colored sprinkles. A quick and easy idea to amaze young and old.
Don't neglect taking care of your establishment: in addition to personalizing the menu with these and other Carnival recipes, indulge yourself in setting the themed tables . Enrich, for example, the take away packages with a pair of mustaches or a mask made from cardboard, or decorate the glasses with colored shapes, reproducing the muzzle of a cat or a clown.
To create the atmosphere, use balloons and colored festoons that you can make yourself; if you have enough space you could also organize workshops for children teaching them to build their favorite mask. Ask your staff to wear funny wigs, they always impress customers.

And don't forget to season everything with the most important ingredient: the right mix of sympathy, quality and passion , elements capable of transforming consumers into "customers forever" .
February 08, 2018